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February – Fine Art Session

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Continuing on with my goal of a fine art session each month this year, I felt it was time to post this! At the beginning of the month we headed out to Pointlbank, Texas to visit my grandmother, who I call MommaMilly, for her birthday. Her property has always been inspirational for me, I grew up visiting them every weekend, every holiday and I even had my Wedding back in 2012 out there.

A lot of my ideas stem from playing in the woods, seeing all the trees and watching nature. There is a particular tree that is shorter, but has these branches that span out really far. I remember finding Easter Eggs on the limbs as a child and trying to climb it (remember I was a lot younger – its a rather small tree). I had asked my sister awhile back if I could photograph her holding on to it and flying away, but our timing never seemed right or the light was not what I wanted (nor the weather).

I was going to make it happen for the February session – the temperature was just right and the clouds were closely netted throughout the sky. I put Liv in a silk pink dress (she insisted on the cover up and I think it actually works). Special shout out to my cousin, Skyler, for helping me with the session.

To me this represents a fleeting memory of childhood. How sometimes the memories just pop into your head of finding that pink Easter egg that was so magical,and high up in a tree that seemed too tall, at the time, for my short frame. Playing hide and seek, picking out rocks on the trail and counting the ants that walked in line along the road. You move on, you age, but you hold on to these precious memories.

I entitled this photo ‘Cherished Memories’

Thank you for reading my Fine Art posts. It is a side of photography I adore. Please feel free to leave your thoughts about what you feel the photo represents.

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