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Cover Reveal – WINDSWEPT by Jadie Jones

So if you keep up with my book reviews, I read the first installment of the Hightower trilogy in December and reviewed it in January (you can read that here). And I have been DYING to get my hands on book 2 – and while I have to wait just a tad bit longer – the beautiful cover was revealed today and GUISE *cheers, drools, jumps for joy*


An Unseen World believes Tanzy Hightower is the key to an ancient prophecy. They’ve waited a thousand years for her soul to return. Now, a war is waged between those who will stop at nothing to fulfill the prophecy, and those who’ve sworn an oath to end Tanzy’s existence, permanently. 

Tanzy’s allies insist she seek refuge in a remote safe house in the Outer Banks. But the blood of a savage, wild horse runs in Tanzy’s veins, and its instincts are becoming impossible to control. She’s determined to rescue Lucas, an Unseen creature who has loved her since her first life, and to rescue the stolen Wildwood horses from a catastrophic end in the world beyond the veil.

While her fellow candidates beg her to stay in hiding, new enemies work to draw her out, making it clear Lucas and the horses are hers for the taking. Tanzy quickly learns that when your loved ones are used as bait, finding them is only the beginning…

And here it is!

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This just makes me want to get my hands on it even more! I seriously cannot wait to read this book, and here is a little excerpt to tease you!

I have lost myself.

My blood is no longer my own. What now pumps through my body is a thousand years old and not human. My soul has memories of another life neither my mind nor my body experienced.  If blood and soul and memories are what make a person, I no longer belong to myself. If they aren’t, then what else is there?

I once heard our bonds are what make us. I hope that’s not true. I don’t have any left. My father’s body was swallowed by the river. My mother’s spirit was smothered by whiskey. My friends are not my friends, and I am not even myself – not really. A thousand year old soul has made a home inside this body. They say she’s me, that we are one in the same – not two souls fighting for territory. One. So why does that girl – her life, her loss, her love, her sacrifice – feel more like a bedtime story recalled from childhood, and nothing like something I once lived through – something I once died for? 

I used to think having something to fight for made a person strong. So I fought. I fought against the belief that my father was dead – the dive team never found him, after all, and even magic couldn’t recover his body from the water. I fought for my mother, forfeited Wildwood and college, the world beyond the walls of our house, and every ounce of my happiness for her, and she still abandoned me. I fought for Vanessa. I trusted her. Trusted Dana and Lucas, and all of them betrayed me. Over and over I fought and fought, and I didn’t gain strength. I didn’t win. I broke.

All this time, I’ve been wrong. Dead wrong. Having something to fight for doesn’t make a person strong. Our bonds, our empathy, our very humanity… they’re vulnerabilities. Weaknesses.

We become most dangerous when we have nothing left to lose.

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