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All You Can Do Is Try

I got my first photo submission rejection today! 

I know it seems like *maybe* I should be upset. And really I thought I probably would be. I mean when I got my first literary rejections IT HURT SO BAD. I drank so much wine. And cried a little. But today when I saw the email appear on my phone and I read it, no tears came. 

I was proud of myself. For trying. I was more nervous about submitting than I was getting the rejection email. Sometimes I think hitting send is harder than seeing the results. 

I told the hubs I think the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of literary rejections made my skin thicker. It was my first time submitting my conceptual work somewhere, and it won’t be my last. 

I will share some of the images soon on a post, but I had planned on showing this other image today. After the two-week Create Your Story challenge with Brooke Shaden, I began sketching out ideas. I had this idea for tulle to wrap it around the model’s head and then have it shooting out like an explosion. 

I’ve been overwhelmed lately. Overwhelmed with the cubicle job, with trying to complete stuff for our house to be a certified foster home, with trying to keep up with writing deadlines, and with creating. After my surgeries late last summer and in the fall, I hit a really really low point with myself. I felt useless and pointless. Somehow I pulled myself up out of it and felt this rush of ideas to create. I hadn’t felt that with photography in so long. Now the ideas are bursting from me and all I want to do is shoot them. 

But dammit, that darn cubicle job. The effing deadlines that require my focus. So this photo represents both aspects of that for me. The ideas that overwhelm me. Life that seems to always come up with something new that has to be done. But I think I like this chaos. 

I hope I maintain this optimism that I have today. 


             Here are some behind the scenes of the original photos. 

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