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Sometimes Putting Yourself Out There is Effing Scary

So I did some photos this year, that I haven’t posted on social media. I was really trying to put myself out there and submit to galleries/contests/calls for entry. I honestly think I was almost as terrified as when I first sent queries for my novel as I was submitting just three photos. 

Sometimes I don’t think I am an artist. It’s in my bio. I may call myself that, but I feel like a major imposter. To me artists are these artsy people who speak in metaphors – and for an author, I really suck at metaphors (or maybe I just think I suck at them. Idk.). 

Maybe my thought of an artist is just wrong. 

I am trying to move past my doubts and call myself an artist. I don’t know what I would do without my photography and writing. It’s something I want to do with the rest of my life. And I have been saying that for awhile. I want to be a full (full) time artist and leave the cubicle job, and make a living doing my conceptual photography and writing. 

But in order to do that I need to put myself out there. 

So I submitted my photos for the first time. I am hopeful – but realistic…I think more than anything I am just excited to get over that first hurdle in my mind. I just needed to tell myself you can do this. I just needed to hit the submit button. I think posting about this is holding me accountable to the end goal. 

I will share the images here on my blog if they are rejected. I will post a celebratory post if they (or just one or whatever) is accepted. Honestly, I think I will celebrate no matter what. I did something out of my comfort zone and submitted my work. I took the first step…now to take the rest…


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