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Honesty and Truth

This was the year for honesty for me. Being honest not only with how I portray myself, but also honest with myself. 
I’m in this weird place. Where I want to say so much, but I can’t for reasons I can’t even explain. Because of that I feel like I am not being honest. But sometimes truths take their time. Now is not the time to speak, but to listen. 
So I stand and I listen. For me, that is what this picture represents. Me caught in the wind, tangled up in emotions. But silent. I’m here to listen. I wrote this and I thought how dare I act like a victim? I am not in this particular instance. But I am sorrowful. I am mournful. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am lost. But for all these things that I am, they are more so. So maybe this photo isn’t for me. Maybe it is for them. Maybe they can be heard now too. They can be seen, even when tangled in their emotions. Maybe the wind is carrying their voices so others can hear and truths can be known. 
May your truth be known. May the truth be known.