Add my debut novel, The Halves of Us is available for pre-order and out on October 9th!


Even before I could hold a pencil in my hand, I was making up stories in my head. I wrote my first book in the second grade, Girls [sorry Lena Dunham], about me and my best friends in college [because college was super cool when you were 8] who went on treasure hunts and fought bad guys with our super powers. My second grade teacher was so impressed with me, she laminated a cover and bound it. That will forever be the moment I dreamed of holding a copy of my own book and placing it on a shelf.

Now all grown up, my head still stays in the fantasy world, fashioning worlds where the power of a star can be harnessed and used for time travel, flying is just as easy as walking here on earth – and my best friends are fairies. My characters are dark and lost individuals, but your love for them will grow when you realize not everything is black and white. I am represented by Rebecca Angus at Golden Wheat Literary.

I have a three book deal with The Parliament House with Book One of my current trilogy, The Halves of Us, scheduled to be published in 10/9/2018.

While I am working on edits with Parliament House on Book 2 of THOU and writing Book 3 of the trilogy – I do have a WIP I am so excited about! This story has LGBTQ main characters and hidden fairy tale easter eggs hidden within!

The Chains that Bind – YA/FANTASY

After their mother’s mysterious disappearance, Kit’s life consists of protecting her little brother from their drunk father’s abuse. But one evening a strange lady offers her an apple – and a chance to make a wish.

Kit leaps at the chance – wishing for a new life for her and Robert. She finds herself in the magical world of Bolith, home to Djinn – and where war and magic have warped their planet into a dying land that wants to kill them. It’s certainly a different life, but one filled with more danger than her old one, especially since her brother has been stolen away by the elderly lady and her twisted promises.

Two Djinn slaves come to Kit’s aid after being bound to her by an elder spirit, and their search beings for her brother, but death follows – especially when its revealed that she is half human, half Djinn and the grand-daughter of a Djinn Warlord.

With death on her heels, Kit goes on a quest searching for her chain that will bind her with magic to save her younger brother while she is hunted by her grandfather and other deathly creatures that roam Bolith. She soon learns tht every wish comes with a price – and her payment is past due.

Here is a little aesthetic I put together for this:

Looking for an editor? Check out Owl Editing! Tiffany helped me edit my first novel and my query that got me my agent!