Author Interview – WHERE WE FIRST BEGAN by Rebecca Elise - I am absolutely thrilled today to interview someone who has made such an impact on my life, my agent – Rebecca Angus! Today, her novel WHERE WE FIRST BEGAN comes out! Happy book birthday, Rebecca! This book is a beautifully woven historical romance inspired by Texas history that intrigues me… Continue Reading
Honesty and Truth - This was the year for honesty for me. Being honest not only with how I portray myself, but also honest with myself.    I'm in this weird place. Where I want to say so much, but I can't for reasons I can't even explain. Because of that I feel like… Continue Reading
Feelings - I have lots of feelings right now.  So many.  But I don't know if the words are right.  So I will just post some photos I have done recently with some poetry I have written.    I spin, I spin. So the world can blur. And we can mend.  … Continue Reading
Update…on Life. - This posts is just going to be one GIANT update for you. There is so much going on and I really wanted to condense it down, but I ramble. So enjoy. Foster/Adoption UpdateThe universe is testing me. I know it.We thought we had completed everything we needed to get our home… Continue Reading
All You Can Do Is Try - I got my first photo submission rejection today! I know it seems like *maybe* I should be upset. And really I thought I probably would be. I mean when I got my first literary rejections IT HURT SO BAD. I drank so much wine. And cried a little. But today when… Continue Reading
Sometimes Putting Yourself Out There is Effing Scary - So I did some photos this year, that I haven't posted on social media. I was really trying to put myself out there and submit to galleries/contests/calls for entry. I honestly think I was almost as terrified as when I first sent queries for my novel as I was submitting… Continue Reading
Create Your Story Challenge with Brook Shaden – Part I - In early December, Brooke Shaden (one of my personal heroes) opened up one her challenges as a pay what you can. I have always wanted to attend one of her classes or challenges, but the funding seems to be always an issue (they can sometimes be a little pricey -… Continue Reading
Hello, it’s been awhile… -  So it's been awhile. I'm sorry about that. But the last half of 2018 was pretty scary for me. Pretty damn scary. This is a personal post, and things are about to get personal, so if you don't like to read this kinda stuff, then I would probably skip this… Continue Reading
Book Review: Blinding Night by Chantal Gadoury - Ah, so if you keep up with my book reviews you know I am fan of Chantal Gadoury, so I was REALLY excited to get my hands on Blinding Night, a retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone. But this is no ordinary retelling! You can order this Amazon… Continue Reading
Book Review: Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson - I am on a roll with catching up on my reading stack. It seems every time I get to take a book off the stack, I add three more! But here we are...and boy did I LOVE this one.  So go order it - right now (you can order it here!)… Continue Reading
Book Review: Between the Sea and Stars by Chantal Gadoury - I am catching up on my summer reading list and dove into Between the Sea and Stars by Chantal Gadoury. To be fair, I started reading this before it was published but had to put all my reading on hold (sadly) to finish some strict edit deadlines. I couldn't wait… Continue Reading
Book Review: Windswept by Jadie Jones - I am so behind on my TBR list with all the edits from The Halves of Us this spring/summer - but I dove right into my stack a few weeks ago, and I was so ready to start book 2 of this series! Whew! I stayed up wayyyyyy past my… Continue Reading
Conceptual Photo Inspired by Nicole Tone’s Poetry Collection - My youngest sister, Olivia (or Liv) came to visit last week – and as always I made her model for me. I read Nicole Tone’s poetry collection, Secrets of the High Priestess (which you can order on Amazon here), late last year and have had ideas for conceptual shots rummage… Continue Reading
Music and Lyrics – Collaboration with Meredith Sanders - Editing can be overwhelming - and editing two books at once, while working a full time job really overwhelmed me this spring. I decided in June I needed a break from editing, and made goals to push myself creatively in other ways and return to editing in July. One of the first things… Continue Reading
Happy Release Day to Chantal Gadoury – Between the Sea and Stars - THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I know I have been posting all over social media about this book - but it is that good! Chantal Gadoury is a bestselling author - and there is a reason why. Her stories are amazing and this one is my absolute favorite! So… Continue Reading
Happy Release Day to Melody Winter – Sachael Discovery! - I have been an avid reader of Melody Winter for a few years now, and man I am so excited about this next installment of the Mine Series, Sachael Discovery! Read more about it below and add this one (and the whole series if you haven't started it yet) to… Continue Reading
THE HALVES OF US – Cover Reveal Day! - Eeeeeks! Today is the day - so I can share this LOVELY (amazing, gorgeous, beautiful - okay I will stop now) cover! But seriously - I am so excited about this. Not only because this is my debut novel, and the story means so much to me, but also because… Continue Reading
Hello Spring! (An Update) - I apologize I have been MIA awhile. That is all because I have been stuck in my writing/editing world with the final edits of The Halves of Us (THOU) Book 1, and re-writing/editing THOU Book 2. It's hard work, yo. I don't think people realize how much work comes with writing… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal – SACHAEL DISCOVERY by Melody Winter - I've been such a huge fan of Melody Winter for a few years. She is an extremely talented storyteller. If you haven't read the first two books in this series - you're missing out! You can buy them and check out her other amazing novels here! But today we are going to… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal – NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED by R.J. Garcia - You're going to want to add this to your Goodreads TBR list! [and you can do that here!] Mystery surrounds the town of Summertime, Indiana, where fifteen-year-old Tommy Walker and his little sister are sent to live with relatives they’ve never met. Tommy soon makes friends with Finn Wilds, a… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal – WINDSWEPT by Jadie Jones - So if you keep up with my book reviews, I read the first installment of the Hightower trilogy in December and reviewed it in January (you can read that here). And I have been DYING to get my hands on book 2 - and while I have to wait just… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal – The Ganga Shift by Mary Bernsen - The thing I have noticed about the Parliament House Press is not only are their books amazing - but their covers are brilliantly executed - and The Ganga Shift is no different! So excited to share with you the cover reveal to The Ganga Shift by Mary Bernsen. (You will… Continue Reading
Monthly Book Review – (December/January) - Welcome to a (relatively) new monthly series where I post about my latest reads and recommendations! I am a bit behind so this includes reads from December of 2017 and what I have completed so far in January of 2018. I am catching up on my ever-growing-to-be-read-list and this time I have… Continue Reading
Robert & Melanie – Pointblank, Texas Wedding - I had the honor of photographing my Aunt Melanie's (who I lovingly refer to as Tante) wedding in 2017 to Robert. The day was so relaxed and filled with love, family, and music! I know people talk about having a perfect day for their wedding, but really this day was… Continue Reading
Publishing News! THE HALVES OF US – The Parliament House Press - I am FREAKING OUT. But in a good way. [sorry for the ensuing caps and shouting that ensues...] Seriously. I AM GOING TO BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. My trilogy THE HAVLVES OF US (THOU) will be published by The Parliament House Press with my debut novel coming out in Winter 2018! [INSERT SQUEALS… Continue Reading
Fall 2017 Senior Sessions - [Due to construction on my website and the blog transition, this is a summary of some of my favorite Senior Portraits in Fall of 2017. For more pictures, please visit my Facebook page] This was the year of FUN and interactive sessions - that include donuts - and body paint! Here… Continue Reading
Fall 2017 – Book Review - [Due to a switch over in my blog/website, this is a post from September of 2017 added to this site during the transition] Welcome to a new quarterly series [may change to monthly in 2018] on my blog where I review books I read the previous month! In August I… Continue Reading
Tilley Newborn/Family Session – Huntsville, Texas - It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I pulled up to the Tilley house. There was a crispness in the air, and a slight breeze that made their American flag toss in the wind. I walked in to their home and immediately felt at home. They Tilley's are like that… Continue Reading
Tilley Family Maternity Session – Huntsville, Texas - Weather is uncontrollable...and so are toddlers. Sometimes you have to talk about pizza, puddles of water and say you can do it better than they can to get them to participate in a photo shoot. But you know what you get? Priceless memories! I was going to just post a… Continue Reading
Not Alone – A Conceptual Piece - I have had the itch to get back to conceptual work for some time. Recently, Brooke Shaden (photographer) posted a challenge on her blog called White Wall Challenge - "It is about taking that blank and boring wall and making it work for us." The challenge pulled at me because… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal – Bloody Acquisitions by Drew Hayes - Okay - so this is just not another vampire book...I promise. This is the latest in the Fred the Vampire Accountant series: Bloody Acquisitions. Haven't read the others? That's okay. Drew Hayes won't hold it against you - well, I can't speak for him - but I can speak for myself,… Continue Reading
Update: My Writing and Photography Worlds Collide -   I have been doing these writing challenges with a close friend of mine. The other day, one of the questions was to pick a single word that describes your personality - and tell why you picked that word. A single word swirled around in my mind - DETERMINED. I… Continue Reading
Megan & Jerry – Huntsville, TX State Park Wedding - If you have ever met the Picket's, you know that they invite you into their lives and into their family. So, when Megan first contacted me about photographing her wedding - I was beyond thrilled. I knew how much love was going to be at this wedding and I couldn't… Continue Reading
Courtney & Noel – Huntsville, TX Wedding - The amount of joy and love I saw at Noel & Courtney's wedding just makes my heart melt. Their families came together, some all the way from Germany, to celebrate the union of these two special people. Noel and his groomsmen had such a fun spirit about them - such… Continue Reading
My Family – MommaMilly’s 84th Birthday - It has been a hectic year...a hectic busy year. One that involved losing a dear member of my family - my Uncle Buddy Gregg​, and Cody and I moving three hours away to a new city - both starting brand new jobs. I'll say it again - hectic. But during… Continue Reading
Courtney & Noel – Engagement Session – Huntsville, Texas - It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon - no seriously it was gorgeous! The sun was shining - it wasn't too hot or too cold. It was lovely!A perfect day for me to meet up with Courtney and Noel for their engagement session!Courtney is so kindhearted and loving - and Noel's goal… Continue Reading
My Writing World Status: Insecurities, the Submission Process and Too Much Ice Cream… - So I thought I would do a post to catch you up on where I am in the submission process – how I am feeling about it all…and answer the question I get asked often now - when is your book getting published? My last round of submissions went out… Continue Reading
Cover Reveal for Without Benefits by Nicole Tone! - I am really excited about reading this one you guys - and you should be too!In about three months, Without Benefits (by Nicole Tone) will be available for e-readers! But today we get to look at the amazing cover, designed by Ashley at Cardboard Monet! Ashley even did a special… Continue Reading
Interview with Cait Spivey, Author of From Under the Mountain - Recently I had the opportunity of reading From Under the Mountain by Cait Spivey. I posted my review on Goodreads (you can read it here), and now I have the opportunity to interview Cait about her novel.So this novel you guys...this NOVEL! You need to read this!  Here is a… Continue Reading
Sarah Seale – Portrait Session - What can I say about Sarah Seale? Besides she can sing really pretty and I want all the clothes in her DRESSING ROOM (yeah, she has a dressing room people. Be jealous.) Amongst all that…Sarah looks good eating cake. We had a blast just playing dress up and smashing a… Continue Reading
Looking back on 2015…and looking forward to 2016! - 2015 is over...It feels like it just started...I had just begun my new job as a Contract Specialist, I had made the choice to remove my photography advertisement from The so I could focus on my writing, I was two months into my query process for my first novel… Continue Reading
From Under the Mountain by Cait Spivey – COVER REVEAL!!!! - I met Cait via Twitter and instantly followed her author page on Facebook (she's just that cool). Her posts about her photo shoot and her theatrical fashion show centered on the premise of From Under the Mountain have me so excited to read this novel!Dark fantasy fans…this is going to… Continue Reading
Caleb Archer Kozel – Newborn – Houston, TX - Last week I had the joy of visiting my sweet cousin Kendall and meeting her son, Caleb, for the first time. Though modeling really isn't Caleb's thing (sleeping and eating is what he prefers!), we had a good time. I can't wait to watch this adorable guy grow up -… Continue Reading
Walker County Heart Walk 2015 - I believe this is my fourth year photographing the Walker County Heart Walk and it is such a priviledge to be apart of it! I love seeing familiar faces (and some new ones too!) and having everyone in the community come together for such an important cause. A cold front… Continue Reading
Author Blog Post – The Results of my FIRST NaNoWriMo… - A month ago I was in my home office, updating my dry erase board calendar. I drew small black rectangles in the box of each day and convinced myself I could do it. By it, I mean participate in my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). November was National Novel… Continue Reading
Erica Wedgeworth – Senior Portrait Session – Sam Houston State University Grad! - Had a wonderful portriat session with Erica this past weekend! Erica is gorgeous....inside and out and I just had so much fun at this session! Shout out to Mom Wedgeworth for following us around campus. If I could, I would totally post every photo from this session - but here… Continue Reading
NaNoWriMo – Let’s try and do this… - November is a busy month - there is Thanksgiving and my wedding anniversary. Plus my younger sister's birthday (which she won't let me forget about...she's going to be 14 so birthdays are still awesome).This time of year is also when I photograph the Huntsville Heart Walk and family/portrait sessions get… Continue Reading
Meghan & Tyler – Houston, TX Wedding - This wedding. Let me repeat that, THIS WEDDING! It was a blast! No, seriously - it really was. The weather was perfect, the skies were clear - the day ran by smoothly. But there was also so much love and joy surrounding Meghan and Tyler you couldn't help to but… Continue Reading
Garrett-Gonzales Family Session – Huntsville, TX - I met up with Becky and Metrisa at their new home and had a blast with their sweet family! I had a hard time choosing my favorites and wanted to upload every single photo! There was so much love and laughter during this shoot - thank you all for welcoming… Continue Reading
Announcement!!! – How I got my Agent, Rebecca Angus with Golden Wheat Literary - This year I did not take on as much photography projects that I normally do – but for another passion  that is near and dear to my heart – I focused on my storytelling, my writing. See, as I mentioned in my previous posting – I wrote a manuscript and… Continue Reading
Conceptual Photography – Behind the Scenes - On the first day of August 2015, I did something that I have been wanting to do for a few years. It was wonderful, painful, scary, a dream come true and tiring. But I loved every minute of it. It all started back in 2008 when I woke up from… Continue Reading
Michelle & Justin – Wedding – Huntsville, TX State Park - Texas weather has been...well let's just say crazy this month. It seems every day this month we have seen rain - and Justin and Michelle's wedding day was no different.The rain came...and it poured. But Michelle was all smiles as she slipped into her beautiful wedding dress. And well -… Continue Reading
Sara & Muhammad – Houston, Texas Wedding - This wedding included a lot of firsts for me - but I was honored to be a part of such a special day, and am so thankful for the kindness Cody and  I received from the friends and family of Sara and Muhammad. Sara is such a kind and beautiful… Continue Reading
Michelle & Justin – Engagement Session - Texas weather has been terrible the past few months and I have had to reschedule many sessions - but this one I had me reschedule THREE times! But I have to say, when we finally got some beautiful weather - it was worth the wait! We visited some property in… Continue Reading
Amanda – Senior Session – Univerity of Houston – Senior Session - I just adore that Texas gave me a little bit of sun for Amanda's senior session! She was a little nervous, but we eased into the session and had so much fun! Amanda is one smart and beautiful lady. I am so excited I got the chance to photograph her… Continue Reading
Caleb – High School Senior Graduate Session - Texas has had the craziest weather this year! I had many sign up for my mini specials in February, but the weather was not for it! I had to reschedule  many sessions - and when the day rolled around for Caleb's rescheduled session, I was thrilled to see the sun… Continue Reading
February Mini Sessions! - Exciting Announcement! In honor of the month of LOVE for the month of February, SPP will be having mini specials for the following Portraits, Families and Couples!Family    $127.50Portraits  $87.50Couples   $112.50And not just any mini specials – HALF OFF for 45 MINUTES! Start off the new year with fun portraits of… Continue Reading
Goodbye to 2014 – Hello 2015! - Well, it’s officially a new year! Seems a little crazy – 2014 flew by! I made lots of goals for SPP and myself last year, and it is time again to make some new goals! Sharing them with you will keep me accountable and moving forward. These include some personal… Continue Reading
Caitlyn & Chris – Huntsville, TX State Park Wedding - I am a little behind posting these photos from this lovely wedding, due to the holidays and being sick - but I know you will all love them! I was so happy be introduced to such wonderful people - Caitlyn & Chris! Laughter and joy were such a big part… Continue Reading
Ainsworth Family Session - Early Thanksgiving morning I met up with the Ainsworth family! The early morning light was perfect, and even thought it was slightly chilly - the family was pros! Here are some of my favorites! :] Continue Reading
Chelsea – SHSU Senior Session – Huntsville, TX - I met Chelsea last weekend for her senior session...and the everything was just perfect! Her style, the lighting, the weather...everything was just perfect! We visited the middle of SHSU campus just as the clock tower rang three. Chelsea was so sweet and let me tell you...this girl is going places!… Continue Reading
Elise Hester – AOA Senior Session – Huntsville, TX - I had two portrait sessions a week ago, and I think they are both some of my favorite portrait sessions ever. First Elise...this girl is so very talented and so sweet! She loves theater, so of course we had to shoot at Huntsville's Old Town Theater! I had so much… Continue Reading
Emma Rose Smith – Newborn - This past weekend, I visited my dear friend Stephanie and her husband, Jeremy...but really I wanted to see the beautiful new addition to their family - Emma Rose Smith.She was a pro at modeling and slept (most) of the time. Only revealing her beautiful eyes to us just once. I… Continue Reading
Fine Art/Conceptual Post: July – September -  **This is a fine art/conceptual post. Please continue down to see portraits, family sessions and wedding related events!**As you folks know, one of my goals this year was to do a fine art session each month this year! I have kept the goal...but been a little behind on my posting!But… Continue Reading
Emma Rose Smith - This past Friday, on October 17, one of my best friends Stephanie Smith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Emma Rose Smith. Born at 7:05pm, 8lbs 3oz, 21.5 inches long. I went to visit and had to snap a few pictures! Her newborn session is soon, so keep a… Continue Reading
2014 Heart Walk - It was an honor for me to be apart of the 2014 Heart Walk in Huntsville again! I love seeing all the folks again that work so hard to put such a great event together, and I think this year was the biggest turn out I have seen!Here are some… Continue Reading
SPP’s Holiday Mini-Session Special - It's that time of year again folks! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner - it's time for those Holiday family photos! SPP can capture those traditional family moments as well as ones that reflect your family's personalities!  This year SPP is providing Portrait Session specials as well! Graduation… Continue Reading
Calli & Bam – Huntsville, TX Wedding - What can I say about Calli & Bam's Wedding? Love. Friendship. Laughter. Joy.Both families were so welcoming and sweet. Calli started the day surrounded by her best girl friends, they kept her smiling and laughing all morning long. Bam kept himself surrounded by his family and friends and came to… Continue Reading
Calli – The Whistler in Huntsville, TX – Bridals - I am so thrilled that I can finally show Calli's amazing bridal session! It was a really hot summer day (special thanks to the Countz clan and Jordan for fanning the bride and keeping her cool!) With a gorgeous happy bride and a lovely location you get these images! :] Continue Reading
Stephanie & Jeremy – Maternity Session - One of my best friends is having a baby! In the next few months we will get to meet Emma Rose Smith and I cannot wait! This weekend we got up early for a maternity session! The lighting was beautiful! And Stephanie was radiant! I just adore how these photos… Continue Reading
Ren & Jennifer – Huntsville, TX Wedding - Ren & Jennifer - or 'Rennifer' - had such a wonderful wedding! I was so excited to be photographing their wedding, especially since they were the first proposal I had photographed. I felt like I had gone on this journey with them and it was amazing witnessing their family and… Continue Reading
June – Fine Art/Conceptual Session – Temptation Part I - **This is a Fine Art/Conceptual photography post by SPP, to continue viewing SPP's work on Wedding related events, families and portraits, please continue scrolling down.**This post contains nudity and may not be appropriate for work the environment.----------I am finally getting to post June's fine art/conceptual piece and I am really… Continue Reading
Lindsey & Jayson – Magnolia Lakes – Huntsville, TX Wedding - Lindsey & Jayson Conner's wedding was beautiful! The details were amazing, sunflowers always make me smile! And that is what Lindsey was doing all morning - smiling! She could not wait to see Jayson waiting for her down the isle. Lindsey and Jayson - it was a wonderful pleasure to… Continue Reading
Baby Halle - This little cutie was such a model for me! We braved the summer heat as I met up with Windy Jason Kerr to get some photos! I had been hearing about how adorable she was from Windy - and gosh Halle is the cutest thing ever! She was a wonderful… Continue Reading
Lindsey’s Bridals – Magnolia Lake – Huntsville, TX - Jayson and Lindsey are finally married, so I can share Lindsey's gorgeous Bridals! Lindsey was the winner of the drawing at Magnolia Lake's open house that SPP had back in March! Lindsey Conner, you are such a beautiful person - and you made a lovely bride! I am so excited… Continue Reading
Becky & Stephen – Huntsville, TX Engagement Session - I am so excited to share these! The Texas summer heat was rearing it's ugly face during our session, but that did not stop Becky from cozying up to Stephen! Congrats you two on the engagement and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding in October! Here are a few… Continue Reading
Alexandria & Edward – Magnolia Lakes Wedding – Huntsville, TX - I honestly had the hardest time getting this below 50 photos to share with you. Alex & Ed's day was full of family, love and friends. It was such a pleasure to be apart of something so wonderful. Alex & Ed opted for a first look which allowed us to… Continue Reading
May – Fine Art Session – ‘Childlike Wonder’ - ***This is a fine art/conceptual photography post. Please continue on for more on SPP portrait and wedding related event sessions.***I apologize for the late posting of my May session, I got really sick earlier this month. I am behind on my editing and blogging.But here is the May conceptual piece… Continue Reading
Logan Tilley’s First Birthday! - Logan has officially turned one! I was invited to his First Birthday party and had a blast! His Mother, Kari, did such a great job decorating! I am looking forward to Logan's portrait session in a few weeks! He is such a ham and loves the camera...though I think he… Continue Reading
SPP Mini-Session Special to Raise Funds for Danielle’s Heart Surgery! - Sydney Paige Photography is having a Family & Portrait Session Special in July and all proceeds will go to a good cause!  You can learn more about it here or continue reading below for basic information. (Information provided below about Danielle and her surgery is from the Give Foward website)   Danielle is 26… Continue Reading
Eric & Tiffany – Huntsville, TX Fairytale Wedding - If I could present someone my example of goodness, it would be Tiffany. She is beauty. And when she first contacted me about wedding photography, I told myself, Sydney you have to be apart of this. This will be special. This will be love. And indeed it was. The day… Continue Reading
Crystal & Brian – State Park Wedding - At the beginning of this month, I had the honor of photographing an old friend of mine on her special day. Crystal and I were on dance team together in High School. And I was totally stoked about being apart of her Wedding.  Crystal had every little detail prepared for… Continue Reading
Crystal’s Bridals – Huntsville, TX - Crystal Gaskins and I had to reschedule this bridal session almost TWICE. Dang Texas weather was getting its seasons all mixed up and storming every time we scheduled! Luckily this particular day, the rain disappeared and we ventured out and got some beautiful shots! Now that Crystal got married this… Continue Reading
April Fine Art/Conceptual Photography Session – ‘Spring Awakening’ - **This is a fine art/conceptual photography post. To view more work by SPP that is wedding related, family or portraits, please continue to the next post.** I am still keeping my goal of a fine art/conceptual photography session a month! And here is April's! I think this was one of the… Continue Reading
Lindsey & Jayson – Engagement Session - Lindsey and Jason's engagement session was a lot of fun! We visited some new locations and had a blast! When Lindsey first saw Jayson, she said she was thinking about how cute he was and that she had to talk to him. Jayson wondered who was this pretty lady talking… Continue Reading
Jamie & Ross – Parker Place Wedding - Sweet. Love. Family. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Ross and Jamie's wedding! It was my pleasure to witness this family coming together. The laughter was contagious and so was the joy! Here are a few of my favorites from their special day! Continue Reading
Ragazincky Family - Okay, when I saw how cute this family had dressed for their family session, I was stoked! Perfect fun Spring colors! The light was gorgeous, the family was all smiles - and I just adore how this family session turned out! I wish I could show you them all -… Continue Reading
Lott Family - What can I say about the Lott family session? It was amazingly fun! Full of laughs and silly moments! Bill is a character, and the kids, Madison and Zachary follow suit - keeping Yara laughing! It was so hard to pick just a few favorites - but here they are!… Continue Reading
Bridal Veil Winner! - Congrats to Amanda Ford! You are the winner of the stylish birdcage veil from Simply Bridal!Please email me at within 48 hours to claim your prize! Continue Reading
March Fine Art/Conceptual Photography Session – The Ladder - **This is a Fine Art/Conceptual photography post. Please continue on for pictures of Wedding related events, families and portraits**One of my goals this year was to focus on one Fine Art/Conceptual photography session a month. I did this one back in March with my lovely and talented muse, Savanna. But… Continue Reading
SPP & Simply Bridal Veil Giveaway! - I am really stoked to announce I am hosting a give away with Simply Bridal of one of their stylish veils! I did a fun stylized session with this veil to showcase how gorgeous it really is!  ( See my review here and check out Simply Bridal's website here) This veil… Continue Reading
Bethany & Josh – Huntsville State Park Wedding - What can I say but That is what Josh and Bethany Brookins wedding day was full of. Their wonderful families came together and created a beautiful wedding filled with love, joy and new found friendships. Every single detail was so sweet and perfectly reflected the couple. Bethany and Josh,… Continue Reading
Brianne – Senior Session - I just met Brianne earlier this week for the senior session. How gorgeous is this girl? I just love this session! Brianne Douga - you are beautiful, smart and you have such big dreams! I know you will achieve them all, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Here are some… Continue Reading
Miles Conner – Senior Session - I remember when this fellow was a baby! And now he is all grown up and graduating from high school this year (yep, this means I am getting old...). We had the session earlier this week, thankfully the rain held out on us as we ventured thru the park. These… Continue Reading
Tiffany & Eric – Engagement Session - Tiffany is such a beautiful, Godly woman. I was really honored when she contacted me about photography. I was looking forward to meeting the man that had stolen her heart! Eric is such a character! His ability to go from full on sillyness and laughter to what I call 'serious… Continue Reading
Simply Bridal – Vintage Birdcage Veil - I have been planning a bridal stylized session for the Spring for a few months now and it was very important to me to make sure everything matched the vintage vibe I was wanting to portray. Luckily, my attention was brought to Simply Bridal. Simply Bridal's website was easy to… Continue Reading
Bayleigh Belle - Today, my oldest niece, Bayleigh Belle, turns SIX! She is growing up so fast and I just adore her. She has the cutest freckles, the prettiest blue eyes, lovely curly long hair....and randomly speaks with a british accent.And we love all of that! Here is how adorable she is...Happy Happy… Continue Reading
Shotgun Fred BBQ Showdown! (Event) - A few weekend ago, I had a blast being apart of a different event then I am use to! Of course I still ADORE photographing weddings, but the BBQ Showdown was so much fun! It had a different approach then most events I am use to shooting, but I really… Continue Reading
Kelly Love – Newborn – Meet the Love Family!!! - I just adore newborn sessions for multiple reasons...but mostly for getting my baby fix and just getting to hold a sweet baby! And baby Kelly was the perfect model. We did the session a week ago - and thankfully the weather was gorgeous! While he did move around in the… Continue Reading
February – Fine Art Session - ***For Weddings, Engagements/Bridals and other SPP sessions, please continue scrolling down***Continuing on with my goal of a fine art session each month this year, I felt it was time to post this! At the beginning of the month we headed out to Pointlbank, Texas to visit my grandmother, who I… Continue Reading
January – Fine Art Session - I know I am a little behind on posting this - but this session was from the end of January. One of my goals this year was a Fine Art/Conceptual Session a month. This is January's.****For posts on Family, Portraits, and Wedding related events, please scroll down****Awhile back, we were… Continue Reading
Deborah & Kevin – Wedding - How do I describe Deborah & Kevin? Hilarious. Loving. Kind. The sweetest funniest couple ever! Okay...went a little overboard. But in all seriousness, it is true and I adore this couple - and their family! It was such a joy for me to be apart of their wedding day! I… Continue Reading
Personal Post – ‘Moments’ - I adore photography. I really do.  Not only do I capture moments for others - but I believe I capture them for myself as well.At the wedding this past weekend (pictures to come soon), I found this gem. I remember thinking the flower girl looked angelic with the light behind… Continue Reading
Review – Business Cards –! - I few months back I ordered some cards from, and I was not disappointed. The delivery was quick, the quality was amazing and thus began my cards from!I recently ordered more for my Fine Art/Conceptual side of photography and some of their 'mini' cards for an upcoming… Continue Reading
Amy & Cisco – Wedding - Hello 2014! On January 2nd, I had the pleasure of starting my new year with this happy couple on their special day! They opted for a first look - and I just LOVE Cisco's expression when he first sees his Bride! Amy and Cisco had their ceremony at University Heights… Continue Reading
Happy New Year – One Last Look at 2013! - Well its official! It is 2014! The end of 2013 was fantastic, being with family for the Holidays and I brought in the new year with some of my bestest (yes, I said it!) friends.Earlier on the 31st I took my youngest 'model', my sister Liv (Olivia), to a new… Continue Reading
‘Mini Stylized Wedding Session’ – Model(s) Search - I am excited to announce I am working on doing a 'Mini' Stylized Wedding Session! I am looking for individual(s) to portray a Bride or a Bride and Groom! If you are interested in modeling, please send me an email at with your picture(s), full name(s) and age(s). I… Continue Reading
Dima – Graduation Session (Miller Family) - I think one of my fav things about my job is meeting new families. This was one of the families I met this past weekend. Dima's Mother, Karen Miller, contacted me about doing a Senior session. Dima is a senior at AOA and he will be the first individual graduating… Continue Reading
Pinon Family - Okay it was FREEZING cold Sunday morning, but this adorable family were troopers! I just love meeting new families and hearing there stories! How can you not smile at this gorgeous baby? Here are some of my favorites! Continue Reading
Christmas - I am going to be honest with you, Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year. Family, friends, the music, the food, the singing, the BIRTHDAY...but last year was extremely difficult and I was worried it changed my mind about this time of year. Every time I… Continue Reading
Kaci & Marcus – Couple Session - I photographed their wedding a little over a year ago, and when Kaci contacted me about a couple session - I was so excited! They are visiting from Germany, where Marcus is stationed,for the holidays! It was great to see them again and witness their love for each other! Here… Continue Reading
Shelly & Brock – Wedding - I had the joy of being apart of Shelly & Brad's Wedding on Thursday morning - yes on Thanksgiving! But it was the date that meant a lot to them - 11/28. Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."… Continue Reading
Wallace Family - Say hello to the Wallace Family! The weather in Texas has had a mind of its own lately! We had to reschedule a few times with the cold wet weather that slammed Texas last week! Finally the weather was great and we met up for a Family session! I hope… Continue Reading
Heart Walk Fall 2013 - It was that time of year again! Everyone came together in Huntsville for the Heart Walk! I always enjoy being apart of this day - seeing the positivity and the friends and family coming together is amazing! And all for a good cause! Sorry it took awhile for this post!… Continue Reading
Baby Paisley Ann - Everyone meet the cutest new addition to the Fanning family! We met up with Crystal and Paisley for an early morning country session! I just adore how these turned out! Its so incredibly sweet - and gave me my baby fix! :] Continue Reading
The Cumby Family - Okay, is this not the cutest family? I met up with Jonathan, Felicia and Jaxon last week for a fun family session! The lighting was wonderful and the temperature was perfect. I adore these photos, and I hope you all to do! Schedule your family session soon for those Christmas… Continue Reading
Moving While Staying Still – Fine Art Post - **Personal - Fine Art Session Post - Continue on if you are looking for Family and Wedding related event photography.You hear folks say life is continuously moving. Sometimes its hard to just stay still and take a moment to just be.It seems lately my life is almost having a different… Continue Reading
Deborah & Kevin – Engagement/Family Session - The first time I spoke to Deborah she informed me she was marrying into a family! That Kevin had two precious children! She wanted the session to include them and the fact that they were all coming together! So that's exactly what we did! We started the session with the… Continue Reading
Happy Halloween! – Fine Art Session - **Personal - Fine Art Session Post - Continue on if you are looking for Family and Wedding related event photography. Today a photographer who I look up to and follow wholeheartedly, Brooke Shaden,  posted on her Facebook, 'Inspire yourself everyday. Be the leader in your life adventures.' I had a… Continue Reading
Crystal & Brian – Engagement Session - Crystal is a dear friend of mine from back in High School! We were on our dance team together! She was always full of energy and had a contagious smile! When she announced her engagement, I was so stoked for her! Brian compliments her perfectly and this session was so… Continue Reading
Haley – Portrait Session - Haley is a Senior this year! :] We got together this past Sunday for a fun session! The weather was cool and cloudy, but we still had fun! And Haley was a pro! Haley, I hope you and your Mother love these pictures! I had so much fun working with… Continue Reading
Fine Art – ‘Deep in the Forest’ - **Personal - Fine Art Session Post - Continue on if you are looking for Family and Wedding related event photography.   I received a text message about a week ago from my dear friend Savanna Conner, informing me she had found some weird trees (she knows how much I LOVE weird… Continue Reading
Fine Art – A Revisit to the Past – A Personal Post - **Personal - Fine Art Session Post - Continue on if you are looking for Family and Wedding related event photography.  Earlier this year, I did a Fine Art Session with my 'models', the ladies who always understand me, my friends Savanna and Hannah and my youngest sister, Liv. I entitled… Continue Reading
Jerrica & Ashlynn - Ashlynn is four and we had a little fun shoot this past weekend! It included a Tea Party and reading her favorite book - Brave. My favorite thing to do when photographing children, is to let them be themselves and not pose them. It makes for such a fun session… Continue Reading
Lindsay & Ian – Forest Glen Wedding - I remember Lindsay as a little girl sitting on the bleachers watching our parents play church softball. Well that little girl is all grown up and made such a gorgeous bride this past Saturday! This Wedding was beautiful, perfect...and very entertaining! Ian and his Groomsmen made it hard for me… Continue Reading
Summer-Fall Special with SPP! - It's about to be that time of year! SPP is offering Family and Portrait Session specials from August 1st - October 31st!Portrait Sessions are now $75! It includes 1 hour session time and your disc with edited images within 2-4 weeks.Family Sessions are now $135! It includes 1 hour session… Continue Reading
Olivia – Fine Art Session - **This is a Fine Art Session post. Please continue viewing below to see my work on Wedding related events, Families, Portraits and Couples.  My sister, Olivia (aka Liv) always is eager to help me with my ideas. I usually use her as my guinea pig, but shes always happy and… Continue Reading
Jozie – Newborn - Last Thursday I got to meet Jozie! She is so tiny and adorable and precious and...ah! She was such a good baby! She fell fast asleep toward the end of the session - the modeling life is so hard! Here are some of my favorites!He could not stop smiling!  Natalie… Continue Reading
Ren & Jennifer – Proposal/Engagement - This past Saturday was a first for me! I got to document a proposal! Ren had everything planned PERFECTLY! The area was reserved by his dear friend Matt and it was my job to remove the reserved sign and wait off to the side and photograph! For the first time… Continue Reading
Jenna – Portrait Session - Jenna has become a very good friend of mine! She is smart, gorgeous and an amazing artist! This portrait session turned out just beautiful! Perfect lighting, pretty lady and I got Jenna to play some muisc (which might have been my goal the whole time...ha!). Hope you like! Continue Reading
Logan Ray Tilley is home! - Logan is home and growing! When I arrived at the Tilley's he was chilling, laying on his back, enjoying his favorite toy and checking himself out in the mirror! Since Mommy is doing better, we decided to get some portraits of Logan and Mommy! Some of the sweetest moments! I… Continue Reading
Fine Art Session – Old Park - About a month ago, I was driving with Cody and found this old playground. I knew I had to shoot there. My favorite was the GIANT slide. But it was like time and mother nature decided I could not shoot there. Finally I had the day planned. It was going… Continue Reading
Logan Ray Tilley - This past best friend Kari Tilley had her first baby! It was a hard night and weekend for Kari as there were a few complications, but she is so strong and doing much better! Baby Logan is healthy and great! And they all should be going home soon! Here… Continue Reading
Hannah – Graduation - I previously posted a session with my cousin - Hannah who was graduating soon...WELL it is OFFICIALLY! She is a graduate! I am sooo proud of her! Cody and I got up super early a few weekends ago and headed to Denton. I LOVE you Hannah and I know you… Continue Reading
Octavia Brown – Mini Session Winner! - I have been MIA for awhile...sorry! We were moving...which is not fun. But what is FUN is this session with Octavia!  Octavia is the Mini-Session winner with SPP! I am in absolute LOVE with these. She exudes happiness! :] Continue Reading
Veronica & Noah – Parker Place Wedding - When I first met up with Noah on the wedding day he told me that he could not wait to see her. Veronica was nervous as the time drew close, but the moment she laid eyes on Noah you could see how confident and excited she was to be walking… Continue Reading
Kari Tilley – Maternity Session - My best friend is having a baby!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to meet baby Logan! He will be here the end of May, so we scheduled a maternity session in April. The weather was beautiful and the wild flowers were in full bloom! Kari is beautiful inside… Continue Reading
March – Fine Art Session – ‘Choices’ - If you are an avid reader of the blog, you know I made a goal this year to do a fine art post every month. I feel like I failed in February with this because I was really sick in February. (excuses, excuses...I know)So the month of March, I decided… Continue Reading
Kim & Eric – Wedding - I first met Kim at Zumba in Huntsville! She was the instructor (recently got a new job!!) and I was so glad when she got engaged that she contacted me in regards to photography!This was my first wedding of 2013 - so I was pretty darn excited! The day came… Continue Reading
Kim & Eric – Rehearsal Dinner - Kim and Eric are finally married! They said 'I Do' this past weekend. But the night before they had the family all get together and meet! I took a few shots of the family meeting and enjoying some crawfish! :] Continue Reading
Hannah Hansen - This is my lovely cousin! She's super smart and gorgeous! I visited her this past weekend in Denton, TX where she goes to school at UNT. She is graduating this May and asked me to do some graduation portraits. Hannah is more like a sister to me, she's a free… Continue Reading
Veronica & Noah – Engagements - Noah is such a gentlemen. Before the session started he made sure he opened the car door for Veronica and she stepped out in her lovely fuschia heels. He could not stop staring at her and telling her how beautiful she was. Again as we changed locations, he opened the… Continue Reading
Sweetheart 5K Fun Run - This is my second year being apart of the Sweetheart 5K Fun Run! I was so happy Heath asked me to be apart of it again. It was another cold morning, but the crowd showed up and everyone ran for a cause! Here are just a few moments from this… Continue Reading
Ben Gulley - This morning, I awoke a little before eight. I wasn't too awake yet, so I checked my phone for any messages and proceeded to check my Facebook.The first status listed brought me up out of bed and tears to my face. I kept saying I'm so sorry as if Shawna… Continue Reading
MommaMilly’s Birthday – Personal Post - So I know I have done a few personal posts lately! I promise to have some sessions posted soon!My MommaMilly's 81st birthday was this past Saturday! Our family came together to make it as special as ever! I created a scrapbook with everyone's favorite memory of MM and pictures.MM said… Continue Reading
The Month of January – Personal Post - The past month has been has been a journey. It almost seems like it has been six months. My family is getting use to a new normal.On December 19th we lost my grandfather, PoppaBuddy, in a horrible car accident. My grandmother, MommaMilly, was severely injured. Our family has been taking… Continue Reading
Sydney Paige Photography – CONTEST! - Sydney Paige Photography is having a CONTEST! Yeah! Follow me on Pinterest: have boards posted with some of my pictures! Repin one of my pictures and tag me by doing ‘@Sydney Paige-Photography’ in the description of your pin. Everyone who repins one of my photos, from one of my… Continue Reading
Jessie & Brandon – Couple Session - The weather finally allowed us to meet up last weekend! It was a chilly afternoon, but they didn't mind cuddling close! I just adored how Brandon kept looking at Jessie. The love between them really showed thru to me in this session. Jessie is in a wheel chair due to… Continue Reading
Shawna & Ben – Prayers Please - Hey, all my friends, I have a prayer request. I have clients, who became dear friends of mine this past year. I was proud to be apart of their story. Shawna & Ben Gulley, were married last year and had their first child, Ava, all while Ben was fighting cancer.… Continue Reading
Samantha Casper - Sam and I have been friends for years! We found out in high school that we lived down the road from each other and that was all that was needed! We were roommates in college as well!  Sam just graduated with her Masters in Mathematics from SHSU in December so… Continue Reading
Hello 2013! - A new year for SPP! Yeah for 2013! I decided to do exactly what I did last year. List my goals out and have you followers hold me to it! Last year I met my goals in booking weddings, working harder with fine art photography and started doing more levitation… Continue Reading
Karen & Christopher – Wedding - This was my last wedding of 2012! And it was beautiful! There were these little moments that were just so precious through out this wedding. Here are my favorites! Karen and Christopher, thank you so much for having me as your photographer! Your wedding was lovely and I hope you… Continue Reading
Natali & Kyle – Zedler Mill Wedding – Luling, TX - Natali and Kyle were married on December 29th. I had the hardest time picking my favorites. So I honestly went a little over board. Kyle and Natali, thank you so much for having me be your photographer. I enjoyed every minute of your wedding! I hope you enjoy these photos! You… Continue Reading
Natali’s Bridals - Natali and Kyle were married yesterday, so I can finally post her gorgeous bridal session photos! It was hard to choose just a few favorites. I just love all of these! Continue Reading
My Version of Therapy – A Personal Post - *This is not a normal post, though it does include pictures from a session. It as a personal post. Please continue on to view more pictures and posts by SPP.*So these past week or so has been pretty hard. I am choosing to write this in a hotel room, in… Continue Reading
MommaMilly & PoppaBuddy - This past week was a really hard one. On Wednesday, while at work, I got a phone call from my sister. I could tell by her voice that something was wrong.After she told me what had happened, I don't remember too much, except crying and my best friend, Kari, driving… Continue Reading
Hunter – 2 Month Portraits - Hunter was the cutest baby! He was a great model, but we had to do this session in two parts, because modeling is lots of work...even for cute little babies! Here are a few of my favorites! Continue Reading
2012 – Engagement/Couple Sessions - As 2012 draws to an end, I have reached the final Engagement/Couple session that have been scheduled. I decided to go ahead and make a tradition of last years posts and create 'BEST OF - SPP in 2012' and this is the 'Engagement/Couple' session post!It is a great honor and… Continue Reading
Becky & Stephen – Couple Session - I knew Becky from High School. We were on our dance team together! She is dating Stephen and when she contacted me about photos, I got super excited. I just love Becky's smile, and how Stephen always brings it out of her. Y'all are just adorable. We even brought out… Continue Reading
Shawna, Ben and Ava – Family Session - You might remember this lovely couple from their wedding I had the pleasure of photographing earlier this year! It has been a big year for both Ben and Shawna Gulley! And today was the first day I got to meet little Ava! She has a head full of hair and… Continue Reading
Jeanette & Manny - The weekend before I got married, one of my very good friends Jeanette finally said yes to Manny. I had to priviledge of being apart of their simple outdoor ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family. Jeanette and Manny, y'all have such a big year ahead of both of… Continue Reading
Felicia & Jonathan – Wedding at Butler’s Courtyard in League City, TX - I had the honor of photographing my cousin's wedding at the Butler's Courtyard in League City. It was my first wedding at that location, and I am in LOVE. Not only with the location, but the staff were wonderful! Felicia and Jonathan had a unique engagement session, if you followers… Continue Reading
Heather Bell – Graduation - Well, it was a RAINY Sunday and we almost had to cancel, but just as session time was coming up the rain started moving away and the sun started peeking thru! So I met Heather on SHSU campus and started this Grad session! I had so much fun, even thru… Continue Reading
Megan & Kevin – Engagement Session - Everyone meet Megan and Kevin! We had an early EARLY morning session this weekend and it was a beautiful morning! I just LOVE morning light! And this couple were the perfect models! I think that one of the most important thing in relationships (besides honesty and love of course! :]… Continue Reading
Kari & Steven….are having a BABY! - So my bff /MOH is expecting! Yes, my best friend and her husband are having a baby! And I can finally talk about it after being sworn to secrecy. We took some couple photos/enouncement photos a few days ago, and since they shared...I can officially share a few! I am… Continue Reading
Kaci & Marcus – Wedding - This was my second Cobb wedding to be apart of! And it was just beautiful! For the limited time they had planning (Marcus is in the Army, so his schedule is not too predictable), it was so lovely! Kaci and Marcus could not take their eyes off eachother! We did… Continue Reading
Layton Christopher McCaffety - Another client took advantage of the mini sessions available thru October 31st with SPP! I met up with Lindsey and Tyler McCaffety (the happy new parents!) this evening (along with their two lovely Mothers) and met Layton for the first time! He is adorable! So tiny! He was asleep for… Continue Reading
SPP – Postcards – Advertisement – Magnolia Lakes - Another Postcards magazine is out! And guess who has new pictures in it? Why yes, SPP does! Magnolia Lakes has used some of my photography of weddings I have done at their spectacular location for advertisement!Who is excited!? This girl is! :] Continue Reading
Heart Walk – 2012 - It was my third year to be apart of the Heart Walk, and it was just a beautiful morning! I love starting my day out with photography. :] There was a wonderful sense of community today! We raised over $10,000! Special thanks to Meredith Donasue and Heath Clark, for allowing… Continue Reading
Prison City Sound - I am sucker for art. IN almost every form. Music, painting, photography, dance...are a few of my favorites! I like to see how individuals show their side and their point of views. Every 2nd Friday for the past 2...or 3 months my Mum and I have been been going to… Continue Reading
Savanna & Hannah - I just love photography. I love the fact I can do a wedding, a portrait session with a toddler, and then meet up with some models ( friends. lol but they are GORGEOUS, so I call them models!) and do a fun session and explore more in art and beauty… Continue Reading
Kay Ann – Portraits - This is what I got to take pictures of this morning! Kay Ann is about to turn 2 years old! She is so precious and full of energy! She was a wonderful model and I just love how these turned out! :] I asked her to show me her beautiful 'K'… Continue Reading
Annie & Billy – Wedding - What can I say? When I use to think of Annie, I thought of her birthday party back in middle school and us watching veggie tales, just because it was funny. Now when I think of Annie, I think of her family. Her friends. Billy. And all their love. I… Continue Reading
Casper – For Hannah – Personal Post - My Cousin Hannah is a very dear friend of mine. We grew up together. She is my MOH at my wedding this November. And when she text me this past weekend letting me know Casper, her cat, was dying - I was extremely sad. It is very hard to loose… Continue Reading
Walynn Conner – Portraits - Another person has taken advantage of the special going on with SPP until October 31st of this year! $75 for an hour session (on non Wedding related events) and includes the disc with all edited images within 2-3 weeks! Contact me for more information now and schedule your session!Everyone meet… Continue Reading
Toni’s Bridals - Toni got married this weekend, so I can share her gorgeous bridals! Here are some of my favorites! :] Continue Reading
April & Greg – Wedding - April & Greg, I am so happy for you both! Your Wedding was beautiful and ya'll are one lucky couple! Not only to find eachother, and be so in love, but to have such wonderful friends and family too! And have a beautiful baby girl on the way! It was… Continue Reading
Dark vs. Light – My Side - A few posts ago, (entitled - 'Dream State'), I talked about challenging myself and exploring different ideas and forms of photography. This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to work with 3 lovely models and a beautiful assistant (Liv), to help out since she is use to me telling… Continue Reading
Kim – Maternity Session - Kim is having a BOY! And I am so excited! If you don't know me personally, you just need to know I love all things babies. Especially when my friends are expecting and I can talk to their bellies without being labeled as a total crazy person! And Kim has… Continue Reading
Dream State - I wanted to challenge myself. It's been a goal of mine lately. I wanted to try different techniques, different ways of shooting and different concepts.I ADORE taking photos at weddings and all the wonderful things that come along with weddings! But I also adore many other sides of photography!Most of… Continue Reading
thelastplaceyoulook – Nava’s Beardy B-day Bash! - So my fiance, Cody, got me hooked on these guys almost a year ago! We saw them perform again on New Year's Eve, and when we saw they were going to have a live performance for Nava's (lead singer) birthday - we just had to go! They had an open… Continue Reading
Hester & Mooney Family Session - Say hello to the Hester & Mooney Family! They were the first folks to take advantage of the SPP 'Mini-Session Special'. Kristen Hester contacted me about a family session out at her parents house for their anniversary! I was super excited when she told me she would like the session… Continue Reading
Magnolia Lakes – ADvertisement - So many of you know, I do have another job besides photography. And my Boss called me into her office today (and I have to admit, I was starting to get a little nervous, ha!)And she was like 'SYDNEY! THESE ARE YOUR PICTURES!'Sure enough...she was holding this magazine...Which you may… Continue Reading
SPP Mini-Sessions July-October 2012 -   For 4 months SPP will be offering Mini-Sessions for $75! That includes 1 hour session time and a disc with all photos edited in 2-3 weeks.  This includes Maternity, Couples, Family, Kids and Portrait Sessions!Weekday evenings and weekend mornings available! Book as soon as you can!  Use for Holiday greeting cards!… Continue Reading
Shawna & Ben – Wedding - February 4th. On February 4th of this year, their lives changed. But if you ever met Shawna or Ben you wouldn't know anything had happened. They continuously smile at each other and held on to each others hands for the night after they had their first kiss as husband and… Continue Reading
I love what I do! - I absolutely LOVE my job and my clients.I know, I know, but I am for real. I LOVE my clients. I love meeting up with them, getting to know them and their story.Each couple is unique. And I get to capture that. I really couldn't ask for more! Even when… Continue Reading
Olivia – Portraits - So I got the chance to get some portraits done of my baby sister, who I call Liv. She is growing up so fast, has such a big personality and has such a super fun style! I love spending time with her and watch her grow up! I can remember… Continue Reading
My Family – Personal - I haven't got to post to much on Family stuff I have been doing on the blog. But- the last post was about how Cody's Brother, Cory, had graduated. So I thought I would introduce my immediate family that is here in Texas. I had a portrait session with my… Continue Reading
Cory’s Graduation - So my little Brother-to-be (that's totally a legit title) graduated from high school last weekend! Makes me feel realllyyyy old yall.I remember when I was taller than him. He was just a little kid. Aww Cory you are growing up!I'll stop getting mushy....Here is a few pictures on graduation day.… Continue Reading
Felicia&Jonathan – Engagement Session Part I - Okay, so this engagement shoot had a few first for me! Jonathan is my cousin, and Felicia is his gorgeous bride! We started off EARLY morning at this broken down car place. Literally. Rusty, broken cars. And we loved it. Visited the square and the bridge in the woods, (I… Continue Reading
Felicia&Jonathan – Engagement Session Part II - This was a first for me! But loads of fun! My cousin Jonathan and his beautiful fiance have chosen 'Day of the Dead' theme for their wedding, so during the 2nd half of the shoot we visited a graveyard with their faces painted like sugar skulls. I absolutely LOVE these… Continue Reading
Toni&Daniel - I worked with Toni years ago, at Eagle Graphics in Huntsville! And when she contacted me about an engagement session, I was super excited! Here are some of my favorites! :] I just loved this session. Continue Reading
Brandon&Kim - Here is just a little preview of the photos from Kim & Brandon's engagement party this past weekend! Kim's fiance, Brandon, is one of my best friend's brothers, so it was great seeing the family and catching up! Continue Reading
Brandi&Shannon - Meet Brandi&Shannon! Brandi and Shannon are a happy couple. Seriously. If you ever need some cheering up or a giggle or two, meet up with Brandi and Shannon! They are so easy going and wonderful! I had soooo much fun taking pictures with them! Thanks for the laughs and for… Continue Reading
Inmar&Belkys – Wedding - Inmar and Belkys are married! Their wedding was beautiful! All the little details, the Bridesmaids dresses, Belkys' dress, the cake...everything was so lovely! I am so excited to share these photos with everyone! Inmar and Belkys, thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer, meet you family,… Continue Reading
Belkys Bridals - I am so excited about this post! Belkys is gorgeous and her dress was ahamazing! She is finally married so I can show the world her gorgeous dress! :]  Continue Reading
Kim&Eric - For the longest time, I only knew Kim as 'The Zumba Instructor'! But now she is Kim, awesome new friend who makes up words and carries snacks in her purse! (Is that not a great characteristic for a friend or what? lol). I really enjoyed getting to know them both,… Continue Reading
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI! - Today is my bffs birthday! She is 25! Whoohoo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI! I am so excited to party this weekend. We must do a duet on SingStar! Kari, I love our inside jokes.  Thanks so much for dealing with me...listening to my insane dreams and ideas...and still being friends with… Continue Reading
Savanna & Hannah - Some of you may remember Savanna from a shoot I did a few months ago, but take a closer look NOW! HER HAIR IS PINK YALL! And she brought her friend Hannah, who was already on my good side for having such an awesome name (my Maid of Honor's name… Continue Reading
Cindy & Will - Everyone meet Cindy & Will. I went to high school with Will, and I was looking forward to catching up. I received a call from Will on a Wednesday asking to reschedule our original shoot date. His brother had passed away. I really felt for Will and his family and… Continue Reading
For Madi - So the other day was my sisters birthday - Madison Hollingsworth Curlee, who now lives in North Carolina. She recently posted on one of my pictures how she misses the bluebonnets. Well Madi, this picture is for you. I love you and miss you! :] Continue Reading
Sheila Gaskins – Retirement! - As most of you know, I do have another job, I work in the Contracts and Procurement department with TDCJ. And today our Director, Sheila Gaskins, had her retirement party. I was so excited when they asked me to take pictures! Here are my favorites from the day! Continue Reading
Compton Kids - Beth Compton is a dear friend of mine from work and Zumba! Her children are growing up so fast and now that Spring is upon us, (which in Texas means bluebonnets) we just had to get together to get some pictures! Everyone meet Brionna, Landen and Key! :] I just… Continue Reading
The Allen Family - Dadadada...snapsnap...(okay yes I was singing the Adams Family song when I typed this title...don't judge me!)This is the Allen Family! I knew the Allen's a long time ago when I attended my parents church and it was great to catch up with them again and see how much their family… Continue Reading
March – BIRTHDAYS! - So, I don't know about you but I love love birthdays.I actually celebrate mine probably 2-3 times during the month of December. (It's so close to Christmas, so its totally okay that I do this...)March is an extremely busy month for me. Yes, with working but also with BIRTHDAYS.First. (And… Continue Reading
Inmar&Belkys – Engagements - So one day, I received a phone call from an old pal (okay she isn't old, but we were bffs back in middle school), Siomara. She said her brother was getting married, had saw my work and wanted to meet me. I met up with Inmar and Belkys, and I… Continue Reading
She believed she could, so she did. – Personal - Photography is something I have always loved. About 4 years, I had thought about doing it for a living, but had the voices of people in my head telling me it wasn't a good idea and that I shouldn't do it. When I finally decided it was what I was… Continue Reading
Savanna – Fashion - Me and Savanna go way back. Wayyyyyyyy back. And by that I mean, like we were like 8 years old and friends! It was lovely to meet up with her again and catch up! Talk about Lady Gaga and Europe! We walked around the square here in Huntsville and had… Continue Reading
Kelsi – Senior Session -  Everyone meet Kelsi! Kelsi is a senior graduation from Huntsville High this Spring! We met up at my house and traveled thru the ville with her awesome mom, Lani for some some Senior pictures! Here are my favorites! Continue Reading
Joe - Okay, little children can be verrryyy tricky when you take pictures. They either love you or they do not like the camera at all. Joe did not like the camera, but little did he know I was totally use to that because I have a niece named Averie! So I… Continue Reading
Mrs. Kim Nettles - Everyone meet Mrs. Kim Nettles! She use to be my dance instructor when I was in High School. I was so excited when she asked me about a portrait session! Texas weather brought us a really cold, cloudy afternoon but we braved it and got some great shots! Here are… Continue Reading
Family - So you here people say their family is crazy? Well my family is CRAZZYYY! Yes the caps and the extra letters make it true. But I absolutely love them and I wouldn't have it any other way! My Mum's Mother, who we call MommaMilly, just turned 80! Below is a… Continue Reading
SweetHeart – Heart Walk 2012 - I was asked again to take pictures at the Heart Walk this year and it was such an honor to be apart of it and the amazing cause! IT was FREEEEEZING that morning, but everyone came out and showed their support! Here are some of my favorites! Continue Reading
Elijah is 1! - Yeah Elijah! My nephew is one! He is growing up so fast and walking! Though it is taking him awhile to say 'Ninny' (that's what they call me, they cannot say Sydney for some reason! It's cute!) he is still adorable and I'm sure he thinks I am the bestest… Continue Reading
Weddings 2011 – Overview! - 2011 was a big year for SPP, and I know that 2012 will be even more amazing! Here is a just a few of my absolute favorites from 2011! If you would like to view more you can always check out the posts on my Facebook - Sydney Paige-Photography! Continue Reading
What do I do? - I started this blog to document my work! To give you a preview of the past year, I thought I would post a few of my favorites from the past! Here's to 2012! Continue Reading
Coming Soon! - Under Construction! Will be up and running soon! :]  Continue Reading