Sydney Paige Richardson is a professional fine art photographer and best-selling author based in the Austin, Texas area. Her goal is to create work that explore emotions, bend reality, and create new worlds. Her conceptual fine art work can be seen on book covers, in galleries across the world, and online exhibitions.

Prints are available in the following sizes and prices below. All pieces are signed and are not framed. These prices do not include sales tax or shipping. Please note, some pieces may be more limited and priced accordingly. This website will soon have a feature to purchase directly from this page. Stay tuned. Until then, if you are interested in modeling for Sydney or wish to purchase a print, please email sydneypaigerichardson @ gmail [dot] com. 

Size         Price             Editions Available

8×8          $45/each    Open Edition [Note: not all pieces are available in this size]

10×10     $75/each     Limited Edition of 45

12×12     $150/each   Limited Edition of 25

16×16     $300/each   Limited Edition of 10

20×20     $550/each   Limited Edition of 5 [Note: not all pieces are available in this size]