Inmar&Belkys – Engagements

So one day, I received a phone call from an old pal (okay she isn’t old, but we were bffs back in middle school), Siomara. She said her brother was getting married, had saw my work and wanted to meet me. I met up with Inmar and Belkys, and I just have to say, they are the sweetest couple! The date we had scheduled to originally meet up, was just nothing but RAIN. Leave it to Texas. Hot, cold, rainy, dry. That’s just a typical week in Texas.
We met up, 2 weeks later and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I just about died from happiness when I saw their outfits! This session was sooooo much fun, and Inmar and Belkys were just naturals! I adore these photos and this couple so much! Here are my favorites! (IF you want to view MORE, check out my facebook page!)

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