So, I don’t know about you but I love love birthdays.
I actually celebrate mine probably 2-3 times during the month of December. (It’s so close to Christmas, so its totally okay that I do this…)
March is an extremely busy month for me. Yes, with working but also with BIRTHDAYS.

First. (And he is probably glad he is first. Since he’s the boss…or at least I let him think so…). This is my fiance Cody Lee (as I call him). And he isn’t such a big fan of birthdays, so I make it a big deal for him! He is the technical brains when it comes to all this, so I do not know what I would do without him. Thanks babe and Happy Birthday!

Second. My future brother in law. Cory. The brother I never had. I have watched him grow up, and now he is taller than me! Happy 18th Birthday Cory!
*Interesting fact…Cody and Cory were born on the same day…3/7, but 5 years apart!

Third. My Bayleigh Belle. I miss her so much. She is my niece. And she recently just moved to North Carolina and turned 4 on the eleventh! I miss her high pitch voice screaming ‘Ninnyyyyy!’ and running towards me. I cannot wait to see you at the wedding in November Bay! You will be such a pretty flower girl! Happy Birthday! Ninny loves you!

Fourth. My Mum. She stresses me out sometimes, pushes me sometimes, but I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s always there to listen to the daily issues I have, gives advice and her opinion, even if it’s something I might not want to hear. She always tells me the truth. And makes ahmmazing gin spritzers! Happy Birthday Mum! [Pictured below with her Mother.]

And of course, my sister – Madison. I cannot believe you moved so far away. And I miss you terribly and all our inside jokes. I cannot wait to see you in November. I might just tackle you with hugs. [And I have been working out with Alyssa, so you might want to wear some extra padding]. :] Happy Happy Birthday! I will buy you a drink when you come home, as long as your not pregnant! teheee!

I love each and everyone of you. Thanks for being apart of my life and this journey!

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