She believed she could, so she did. – Personal

Photography is something I have always loved. About 4 years, I had thought about doing it for a living, but had the voices of people in my head telling me it wasn’t a good idea and that I shouldn’t do it. When I finally decided it was what I was going to do, because it is what makes me happy, I felt good. I felt free.
Then came the more voices of people telling me it wasn’t a good idea, in this market. And I began comparing myself to others. And doubted myself.
I found a photographer online during that time that inspired me. Not by her work (though I am such a huge fan), but by her words. Jasmine Star, (who all of a sudden I am referring to her like we are bffs, because I would like to think if I ever met her, we would just start chatting about everything!) posted a personal post on her blog and it had a few inspiration quotes. One was ‘She believed she could, so she did.’ I immediately printed it off and stuck it on my cork board in my cubicle at my other job (as I tend to call it), and wrote down goals for myself. Not just things I wanted to do, but things I wanted to remember to tell myself daily. Besides the actual quote, to not compare myself or my work to others. I create what I do, and I know I have much to learn, but I will not give up. My photography will published one day in a wedding magazine, I will go to Europe for a wedding one day, I will be hired for a fashion editorial in Harper’s Bazaar one day, and my stories will become novels you can buy one day!
I decided in order to remind myself this, even thru the hard days, I wanted something permanent. So I did this:

To all those out there, trying, dreaming of something bigger – you can do it. Just believe you can.

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