Dark vs. Light – My Side

A few posts ago, (entitled – ‘Dream State’), I talked about challenging myself and exploring different ideas and forms of photography. This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to work with 3 lovely models and a beautiful assistant (Liv), to help out since she is use to me telling her what to do.  😛 (That’s what sisters are for right? jkjk!)
The project was a success, though incredibly hot and humid outside, we survived. And the finished product (at least thus far) is something I am proud of. I am hoping I am able to grow on this side of photography or perhaps I should say this ‘genre’. I am diving in head first into a different artistic side photography, in which I am hoping to tell a story. And I couldn’t have done it without models – So thanks Savanna, Belkys and Krissy! Thanks for dealing with the heat, climbing things, laying on trees, wardrobe changes, HAIRSPRAY, BUG SPRAY , and my issues with creepy crawly or buzzing things! Oh and portraying something that I could only describe with a few words. It’s like you ladies can read my mind! :]
I am truly grateful for having ya’ll be apart of this first step. Hopefully I shall be taking more steps. But here, for now, everyone please see below for your enjoyment and let me know what you think!

Dark vs Light – It’s a story that is represented throughout history, but here is my interpretation of it. And perhaps it is to be continued…


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