Dream State

I wanted to challenge myself. It’s been a goal of mine lately. I wanted to try different techniques, different ways of shooting and different concepts.
I ADORE taking photos at weddings and all the wonderful things that come along with weddings! But I also adore many other sides of photography!
Most of you know I love doing my fashion and artistic shoots, but my partner in crime (Mary Turner with MK Inspired) has moved to Colorado. So, lately I haven’t really had my fashion/art session fix.  :]

I posted on Facebook about a month ago requesting models and I was surprised about all the feedback and requests I got! My ‘muse’ lately has been a good friend of mine, Savanna and she is apart of my model group coming up this weekend! But I wanted to work thru some ideas and thoughts I had in regards to the session. Go a little deeper than I normally do. (Thanks again to all you who said you would be models for SPP, I will be doing more shoots like this in the future and hope to contact you all at some point!).

I am sharing this with my readers for you guys to hold me accountable. To keep growing. Keep shooting manually, keep experimenting with techniques and keep growing in photography. It’s my love and my passion. 

So – I had this idea. I am a vivid dreamer, and while some might be afraid of the things I dream, I love my dreams. So that was my idea for this session. A dream state. A childlike dream state. I have always had lots of dreams about flying or being just ‘weightless’. This was the concept I wanted to use.
Who could I ask to model? OF COURSE – my little sister Liv. She is fabulous at being herself and takes direction really well.
I didn’t exactly tell her what we were doing until we started the session. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy for about five seconds then she was like ‘That’s so COOL! LET’S DO THIS!’

Here is what we came up with. I am no expert at levitation photography. But I am feeling okay about my first attempt at it, and hope to do more with this in the future.

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