Casper – For Hannah – Personal Post

My Cousin Hannah is a very dear friend of mine. We grew up together. She is my MOH at my wedding this November. And when she text me this past weekend letting me know Casper, her cat, was dying – I was extremely sad. It is very hard to loose a pet, and this was Hannah’s first pet as a child. They had to say goodbye to him today. So I took a half day at my other job yesterday and went to visit, to say my goodbyes and get a few pictures of Casper. I wanted to share with you all. 

They had the house set up as a hospital for Casper. They were making him as comfortable as possible.

 He had three different beds to choose from, his cart, his box and a laundry basket. The cart was his favorite.

Hannah giving him some kisses. 

Rest in peace Casper. You had such a vibrant spirit about you! Tell Harrison hey for me! :]

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