Prison City Sound

I am sucker for art. IN almost every form. Music, painting, photography, dance…are a few of my favorites! I like to see how individuals show their side and their point of views. Every 2nd Friday for the past 2…or 3 months my Mum and I have been been going to Prison City Sound in Huntsville, TX for some entertainment! And boy have we had it! And had a blast! Our mutal friend Will (who is an absoulte character himself) performs with his band mate (Shane, ladies you’ll LOVE HIM!) and they make up The Gypsy Davies who will make you just FEEL. These guys are both amazing artists! And its my absolute pleasure to listen to their work! And the talented Daniel Cazort, Monkey Jello, Greg Picket and others come to share their musical talents. If you havent made it out, the 2nd Friday of every month, then I HIGHTLY recommend it! Eccentric, talent, grooves and music from just about any era, no matter what your age, this is the place to be! (I am seriously a Monkey Jello fan right now yall!) Here are some pictures I took from this past Friday – much thanks to Prison City Sounds for allowing me to bring my camera along! It was an honor and a pleasure! If you can’t wait till next months Friday then, come check out some of the bands peform next FRIDAY on the square in Huntsville as the sun goes down (weather permitting)! I HIGHLY recommend it! :]

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