Savanna & Hannah

I just love photography. I love the fact I can do a wedding, a portrait session with a toddler, and then meet up with some models (aka…my friends. lol but they are GORGEOUS, so I call them models!) and do a fun session and explore more in art and beauty photography.

I have been wanting to do more with the early morning light. And when I say early. Its early and the sun hasn’t really risen just yet. We are WAITING for the sun to rise yall. That’s true friends. :] So here are just SOME of my favorites from today. I feel like I am probably (I will) post more later.

*If this is your FIRST time viewing the blog, continue on, there is much more sessions to see (weddings, engagements, bridals, portraits, family, etc…)

This was BEFORE the sun came up. We were just playing around, and I got this…and I really like it. In an ODD way. 

I love this. Its weird. Odd. Dark. And I love it. Yeah Hannah! :]

This to me, this feels like a picture from a movie…

Hannah, you are sooo pretty! That’s my friend yall! 

 Savanna, this is so lovely!

I LOVE this. I want this on my wall in my house.



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