Hello 2013!

A new year for SPP! Yeah for 2013! I decided to do exactly what I did last year. List my goals out and have you followers hold me to it! Last year I met my goals in booking weddings, working harder with fine art photography and started doing more levitation shoots! This year I want to do even more! I am super excited about it all and can’t wait to get started with everything. Meeting new clients, booking more weddings, traveling more and working more with fine art photography!
Magnolia Lakes in Huntsville, TX is continuing to use my photography for their advertisement and new website. It’s so exciting and I know it will bring in new clients and I look forward to working with that establishment more! It’s such a lovely location!
And if you get through reading all my goals, you will see the ‘Best of 2012’ Wedding/Fine-Art addition! And some other photos that mean so much to me from this year. (Keep reading down the blog for Best of 2012 Engagement and Couple Sessions!)

#1 – SPP will start a Boudoir Series. I am so excited about this and really looking forward to finding young women who would be willing to join! I am looking to have 2-3 separate sessions to create this series.
Anyone who is interested in being apart of this, please email me for more details! Depending on how many responses I get will be how I go about further planning this. The price will be between $75-$150 per individual and will include the location costs (the plan is…a get away ladies night during the weekend at a hotel!) and the disc with all your edited images for your personal use! There will be a contract to sign, and these photos will not be posted online without your permission. But, they will be apart of my portfolio.

#2 – SPP will be starting a Fog Series! This is my new obsession. And I cannot wait to do it! I have two models already in the works, and bless their hearts it involves early morning sessions! Anyone who is interested, please feel free to contact me! It’s always great to have folks on standby for ‘Dense Fog Advisories’! 😛 It may even include more levitation! Who’s excited?!! This girl is!!

#3 – Book more weddings than 2012! This is always a goal of mine, to book more weddings! I want to do more traveling with weddings, find Brides who trust my work and love attention to detail as much as I do! I just love getting to know Brides, Grooms and their families! To this day I still call my previous clients good friends, because that is what they have become! Some of my very good friends!

#4 – Meet one (or more) of my photography people I look up to. This may sound silly to some folks, but just like you may have folks you look up to, so do I. Especially with photography. I would really love to meet Brooke Shaden, Jasmine Star and Julie Harris. These are people I really admire and I would love to meet them. Possibly even attend one of Brooke or Jasmine’s workshops.

#5 – I’d like to help create a photographer community or something similar for this area. I have a few friends that are into photography and some that have their businesses well established. I’d like us all to meet up, maybe a once every three months and discuss photography and ask each other questions! I feel it would be a great support system! Message me if anyone is interested!

#6 – This is more of something that I would like to try and work with doing over the next few years. But I figured I needed to focus on it and mention to hold myself accountable. I’d like to have a gallery or have a few of my fine art photographs up at a location and possibly sold.  
a.        Get my photographs published. Whether it’s in a wedding magazine or an art magazine, something. This is something I really want to focus on.
b.        Work with other photographers/artists and possibly have a week gallery opening to show off other artists work in the area!

#7 – I have got to know a few musical artists in the Huntsville area, and its been a pleasure going to the Prison City Sound’s open house the 2nd Friday of every month. I even got a chance to take some pictures at one opening and I really enjoyed it. I would really like to work with some artists here in town for some sessions and include them in my portfolio!

#8 – Blog more. I love posting about my new sessions and showing the world my photography, but I would also like to share different aspects in my life and were I am growing. I love getting to know other folks through their blogs and I feel I need to share more of myself!

#9 – A documentary of a road trip through photography. I really want to do this with my husband, Cody. I feel it would be a nice get away for us and let me take pictures, which is my main love. (Besides Cody! Ha!)

#10 – A personal goal: work on finishing my book. It’s not exactly a photography related goal, but it’s a big goal of mine and something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl. Thankfully I have an editor in the family, because my grammar is a bit Texan. ;] Finding time is the struggle. And that’s my last goal of 2013…

#11 – Find time to breathe. Time to be myself, spend time with family and work through all my goals and aspirations. I have such great friends, family and clients I know this year is going to be a great one! Thank you for reading this far! Hold me accountable! :] I hope this year brings great things for all of you!

Now here are some of my favorites from 2012!


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