The Month of January – Personal Post

The past month has been has been a journey. It almost seems like it has been six months. My family is getting use to a new normal.
On December 19th we lost my grandfather, PoppaBuddy, in a horrible car accident. My grandmother, MommaMilly, was severely injured. Our family has been taking turns taking care of her and visiting. It’s one of the great things about having a huge family, we can come all together and support each other.

PoppaBuddy’s birthday was on January 6th, and while we set around MommaMilly’s yard the sun came out and we all felt a bit warmer. Everything had been so cold and wet lately. We drank wine and laughed and cut up.

I did not bring up my camera, but went a little crazy on Instagram (Follow me SYDRICH1110). The next time I came to visit, my camera tagged along! Here are some pictures!

This handsome guy is my second cousin, Jaxon! He’s basically adorable! 

Liv, my youngest sister, was hard at work raking the leaves.

It was another beautiful day! 

Seriously, you have to love this kid! 

We took them over to the jungle. Its a place that me and my cousins use to play as kids. Liv was being pretty dramatic about making sure not to fall! She is such a drama queen! 

Jaxon and his Momma, my cousin – Felicia. He was having the best time! 

A few days later was my Father’s birthday. They were out in Pointblank taking care of MM so we didn’t really get to celebrate. My Father just wanted to do something small during the weekend. We made his favorite cookies…snickerdoodle and played games!

This is my folks’ dog! Emmitt! He’s so freakin cute and we love him! :]

See the Whataburger cups in the back?  One of my Father’s other favorites! The cookies turned out fantastic! 

One of my goals this year (as seen on a few posts before this) I wanted to do more Fine Art Photography sessions. I wanted to try to do at least one session a month. Liv joined me early this morning and we did a simple session. It focuses on time and moving forward in life dealing with the stages of grief. She was a trooper and an excellent model, as always!
Her favorite part was getting to watch the sunrise! She’s a simple gal and I’m glad she’s my sister!

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