Ben Gulley

This morning, I awoke a little before eight. I wasn’t too awake yet, so I checked my phone for any messages and proceeded to check my Facebook.
The first status listed brought me up out of bed and tears to my face. I kept saying I’m so sorry as if Shawna was there in the room with me.

I love photography. I love taking pictures. But I think my ultimate favorite thing is meeting new people. Becoming apart of their lives. Providing them with memories that they will cherish.

Last year I was asked to photograph Ben and Shawna’s wedding. Ben was fighting cancer, and they were expecting the first child in the coming months. It was an honor of mine. The emotions that day were full of love and happiness.

A few months after their daughter, Ava, was born, been was cancer free! They called to schedule a family session before they moved up north for Ben’s job. It was a very fun session! And they were the perfect little family.

The cancer returned a few months ago and they moved back to Texas for treatment. Keeping up with Shawna’s statuses, I learned the chemo was not working. She emailed me last week to schedule a big family session on March 2nd.
This morning I got on Facebook and learned that Ben passed away last night. In her status she promised Ben she would raise Ava to live like he lived, full of joy and faith. And that it was a privilege to be his wife.

Ben, Shawna and Ava, it was a privilege for me to be your photographer. To get to know you all and your family and see the LOVE that just radiated from every single one of you. I will never forget y’all. I will always remember how much you loved and cared for each other. How his family was so gracious and thankful for you Shawna. Y’all brought this wonderful baby girl into the world, and she will know how wonderful Ben was because you have so many people to remind her and to show her.

My prayers are with you always. I hope these good memories stay with you forever.

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