March – Fine Art Session – ‘Choices’

If you are an avid reader of the blog, you know I made a goal this year to do a fine art post every month. I feel like I failed in February with this because I was really sick in February. (excuses, excuses…I know)

So the month of March, I decided to make up for that. I had a FEW ideas and like usually nothing ever really goes 100% to plan. It was suppose to rain really bad, we got started late (running out of light), working with the heavy props…

BUT I am more than happy to share you the final products from this session! These are just my favorites that I feel like posting and working with now, I am sure there will be more that I can post in the future from this session.
The models were fantastical (yeah I said it!) and I know it would not have come together with out the girls I call my models that just ‘get’ me. So thank you so so much Savanna, Hannah and Liv! I love you all so much!

So below is a group of photos I am calling (as a group) ‘Choices’. Sometimes we are faced with choices in our lives on which road to take, who or what to say goodbye to, what to hold on to, what to fight for, when to start something new and when to know you cannot grow anymore in one particular spot where you are.
These Fine Art Sessions are always therapy for me. And it was much needed. Here are a few of my favorites that I can share now….

And here is just a silly one… of my lovely models! 

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