Fine Art Session – Old Park

About a month ago, I was driving with Cody and found this old playground. I knew I had to shoot there. My favorite was the GIANT slide. But it was like time and mother nature decided I could not shoot there. Finally I had the day planned. It was going to be a cloudy morning small chance of rain…but it’s Texas and every now and then that SMALL chance of rain turns into thunderstorms.  But I was determined. The afternoon looked like it was going to be cloudy…but then on the way to the session the SUN came out bright and beautiful. I was a bit bummed because this area is no SHADE all direct sunlight. But I wanted to continue and we worked it through! Savanna was a trooper and we took AC breaks. The end product is a bit more brighter than I normally produce but I am in LOVE with these. It turned out to be exactly the feel I needed.  Child like, free, bright spirit, a innocence with a bit of edge. I love them…and I hope you all do to!!!

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