Olivia – Fine Art Session

**This is a Fine Art Session post. Please continue viewing below to see my work on Wedding related events, Families, Portraits and Couples. 

My sister, Olivia (aka Liv) always is eager to help me with my ideas. I usually use her as my guinea pig, but shes always happy and excited about it.

This time I had been wanting to to test out a few ideas with flour. Yes, I said it…flour. I wanted to learn how it would work with the environment, how to get it to to do what I envisioned, and how she would react to it.
Of course she was excited and could not stop how talking about how soft it was. But it proved to be a bit more difficult with just the two of us. An assistant will make it easier next time (a special thanks, do my Dad, who did help out for a bit).
But then she started dancing around and that seemed to work much better for what I was looking for.

So special shout out to Liv for testing out one of my crazy ideas and producing this month’s Fine Art Session! What do you think? I thought I would share with you the process and the different types of edits I came up with to share a story. My favorites are the first one and the black and white.

I played around with edits to find the coloring and vibe I was looking for to use on the future sessions. Here is my favorite, even thought it is a bit more brighter than I originally thought I was going for.

Here I played with the levels and saturation. Also made the exposure lower.

Here the saturation is much lower and I am lower and she looks like a really creepy porcelain doll.

I am loving the black and white the most, this photo is eerily perfect!

The movement in this one, I love.

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