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Fine Art – ‘Deep in the Forest’

**Personal – Fine Art Session Post – Continue on if you are looking for Family and Wedding related event photography.  

I received a text message about a week ago from my dear friend Savanna Conner, informing me she had found some weird trees (she knows how much I LOVE weird trees!).
We decided to meet up at the location a few days later. That morning she had sent me a text about a quote she had thought about that reminded her of me.

‘Beauty will be convulsive or not at all.’ – Andre Brenton

I sat on my thoughts for the quote for awhile. And what it specifically meant to me. About beauty, passion and how we view beauty. Through all our senses.
The area brought more thoughts to my mind once we arrived. The lighting was perfect, Savanna – of course – was gorgeous!
We were feeling a bit dark and raw with our emotions, being out in nature – I thought it was a good time to go dark with Halloween approaching – and Savanna just jumped right in fearless as ever.
The final products I feel are mesmerizing! I adore working with Savanna and I hope everyone enjoys these photos!
Please feel free to comment on these pictures and say what they make you feel! I am very curious how the images comes across to each and every one of you! 

‘Darkness Rising’

‘Floating on the Edge’
‘Heart of the Forest’
‘Walking with the Trees’

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