Moving While Staying Still – Fine Art Post

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You hear folks say life is continuously moving. Sometimes its hard to just stay still and take a moment to just be.

It seems lately my life is almost having a different sort of view on this – it seems everything is moving so fast but I am just standing still. And everything around me is this chaotic movement.
But honestly I enjoy this chaotic movement. And though it may seem I am standing still, I am moving with it, but slower – to take in my surroundings, learn from them and savor the memories.
I am at peace with this fast pace, still movement. That’s life.

I wanted to portray this in a picture and I had multiple ideas just going thru my head, but my biggest struggle was how to represent it. I have always been fond of dancing and of folks interpretation of what not only the movement but the feelings thru the movements are. Whether its ballet or krump – there is emotion.

Of course I contacted Savanna and asked if she had a tutu! I previously posted a picture called ‘The Hands that Mold us’ (see few sessions below) but it took me a while to focus on what I wanted to portray with this ‘chaotic movement’ original idea.

Here it is – ‘Moving While Staying Still’

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