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I am going to be honest with you, Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year. Family, friends, the music, the food, the singing, the message…my BIRTHDAY…but last year was extremely difficult and I was worried it changed my mind about this time of year. Every time I thought about it, I would tear up.

Sounds dramatic, but we lost my grandfather last year on December 19th in a tragic car accident. It was the first big loss for my family in years. Needless to say, we were not prepared and were on all in shock. Add on to that I was extremely sick and lost my voice completely. Christmas was just not Christmas last year.

I was worried that it wouldn’t be the same. I keep a picture of my grandfather from last Christmas up at work. And I have found myself staring at it the past week. It was the last time I saw him, just a few days before his accident, when Cody and I went with him and my grandmother to pick out their Christmas tree. It’s a tradition.

He had just picked out that tree has ‘the tree’. He had just told me he had his ‘ticker’ checked on and he was going to be around for a bit longer. I told him he better be.

I started getting sick that day and we left shortly after helping them put it up and decorate it. I remember kissing his cheek and telling him I would see him soon. His beard was growing back and it stung my lips. I hugged him and left.

We kept this year’s tradition. I talked with my grandmother (whom I call MommaMilly) and Cody and I made it our Christmas present to her, to purchase the Christmas tree. My Mother and younger sister (Liv) met up with us and we picked out the best tree! (MommaMilly and my Mum pictured below with the tree).

Christmas is Christmas. It always will be. And I have a very strong and loving family that hold on to traditions and memories. And for that I am always grateful.

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