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Amy & Cisco – Wedding

Hello 2014! On January 2nd, I had the pleasure of starting my new year with this happy couple on their special day! They opted for a first look – and I just LOVE Cisco’s expression when he first sees his Bride!

Amy and Cisco had their ceremony at University Heights Baptist Church, where they had met at a christian concert a few years before! What seemed as a chance meeting, I am sure was orchestrated by the divine above – they are just meant for each other!

I am so happy for you both – and I hope you are having a fantastic time on your honeymoon at Disney World! Here are some of my favorites – I hope you enjoy!

The blue cloth wrapped around this bouquet was the same one our Grandmother carried while marrying our Grandfather!

Groom’s cake – a donut cake! This was my first experience with this cake – but I have to say it was rather awesome looking!

Oh…and he just kept smiling!

Here is where the thoughts came pouring in – ‘We are getting married!’ ‘It’s our wedding day!’ ‘Gosh it’s freezing…’ They kept each other warm!

  ‘The wind is your friend’ Ok, the veil got crazy in the wind, but I adore this photo! You are stunning Amy!

Because (say it with me now whovians…) ‘Bow ties are cool’ :]

Mr. Lyle had a very moving message, and did a wonderful ceremony.

Congrats to you both!

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