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Happy New Year – One Last Look at 2013!

Well its official! It is 2014! The end of 2013 was fantastic, being with family for the Holidays and I brought in the new year with some of my bestest (yes, I said it!) friends.
Earlier on the 31st I took my youngest ‘model’, my sister Liv (Olivia), to a new location I wanted to test out, and try an idea that has been in my head for awhile. She is always my test subject! Of course it was a fantastic tree(see below). (Also, follow me on Instagram @sydneypaigedecides) :]

She told me ‘I think God made this tree for you.’ She knows me so well. I have a slight obsession with trees. 😛 That photo will be on the blog within the next two weeks!

But we ended the session at the house on my back porch. If you follow my blog you know with a lot of my fine art sessions and my writing, I am inspired by my dreams.  Sometimes in my dreams, I am in my house and there are just subtle differences…A window is missing, a door is added, the walls are a different shade, but it is always very life like and real to me. Even though some part’s (like floating) are not normal in reality. The coolest part is, I know that I am dreaming – and it’s this very peaceful moment. This moment where I am in-between reality and dreaming. I call it my ‘Dream State’ and this photo I think portrays it perfectly.

 The clouds, hazy/blurry texture, along with the floating show how light the dream state is to me. I am relaxed and content – though anything can happen.

And that is how my outlook will be on 2014 – anything can happen. I have wild dreams for my future and things I want to accomplish – and I intend to make them come true. If you are looking for inspiration, I want to turn you attention to Brook Shaden’s newest blog creation and her new post –  is about working with others and being inspired by others. Promoting Passion is amazing and I am excited to say one of my photos with my model Savanna is on there! My dreams are my passion. My dream is art, photography, creating worlds and images and sharing them with others!

My main goal  this year besides attending workshops, growing, meeting new clients and working with other inspiring photographers – all who I know I will call friends – is I want to do a self portrait. I want to show you me. I have always been uncomfortable with being in front of the camera – it is an area I know I need to grow in – and that is my main goal this year!

So let’s look back on my favorite moments in 2013. In Weddings, Families, Portraits and Fine Art Photography. If you know me, you know I had a huge file filled with my favorite moments and I made myself take it down and show my top 21 (It was my top 20…but I couldn’t cut it down any smaller!!!)!

So Happy New Year everyone! I am excited to see what 2014 brings and cannot wait for the new adventures! :] As always – much love and appreciation to you all!

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