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January – Fine Art Session

I know I am a little behind on posting this – but this session was from the end of January. One of my goals this year was a Fine Art/Conceptual Session a month. This is January’s.

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Awhile back, we were visiting Cody’s sweet Grandmother and I had walked outside to let the dogs out and saw a rather large birdcage. Of course my first thought was, ‘I have to shoot with this’. So who did I text? Why yes – my dear sweet amazingly awesome and talented muse – Savanna. I wish I could show you the exact text message, but it went something a little like this…

Me – So say I had a giant birdcage…
Savanna – I’m in!

So I knew during the Holiday season this would be a no go, so to follow my personal goal for the year of doing a Fine Art/Conceptual Session each month, I thought January would be perfect! Well I had a pretty busy start off to 2014 with Weddings, but luckily we were able to fit it in with the end of the month (as I mentioned above.)

So I present to you my Bird Cage Session with Savanna. I feel like I may need to warn you that some of the photos are a little PG13 and may not be safe to view at work.

I wanted to portray a storyline with these photos of feeling low and set in your ways, but then show the longing of wanting to grow and move forward. We are always frightened of change and tend to stay close to what we know, because it is ‘comfortable’ and ‘safe’, even if we long for new adventures. To quote my muse ‘It says something about the self-inflicted shame of longing for the stability of chains’. But we take a chance and step forward, releasing our embrace from our cages. Only then we can florish.

Instead of titling each photo, I am calling this a photo story line.
I am entitling this photo story line: ‘The Change We Make, The Flight We Take.’

Please feel free to comment and tell me what these photos made you feel.

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