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Eric & Tiffany – Huntsville, TX Fairytale Wedding

If I could present someone my example of goodness, it would be Tiffany. She is beauty. And when she first contacted me about wedding photography, I told myself, Sydney you have to be apart of this. This will be special. This will be love.

And indeed it was. The day was filled with close friends and family. And throughout the day Tiffany was glowing. Eric was thrilled to see her, and because we did a ‘first look’ with the Bride and Groom, I got to capture some sweet, private moments between them.

Tiffany and Eric had a Maid of Honor and a Best Woman. They also had Honorary Bridesmaids, and Tiffany serenaded them with songs she wrote to the tune of Disney songs about each of them, how they met and things they did growing up together. (I mean is there anything she can’t do?)
Most know already, but I am a giant sap, so you know I teared up a bit – but still managed to capture the moments!

Tiffany and Eric, you may never know how much I appreciate being apart of something so magical. I hope your honeymoon was perfect and that you got to continue on with the fairy tale at Disney! Here is a preview of your wedding, I hope you love them!

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