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May – Fine Art Session – ‘Childlike Wonder’

***This is a fine art/conceptual photography post. Please continue on for more on SPP portrait and wedding related event sessions.***

I apologize for the late posting of my May session, I got really sick earlier this month. I am behind on my editing and blogging.

But here is the May conceptual piece I am entitling ‘Childlike Wonder’. My original May piece was suppose to be of my sister, but it fell through and I had to improvise. Needless to say, I was a little upset but my niece came up to me and asked in her adorable British accent if I could take a picture of her instead. She wanted to do the same picture I was planning with my younger sister, but her Mother would not let her get in the deep pond.

So I asked my niece if she was okay wearing the same purple dress and jumping on the trampoline for me. Of course she was down. She was so excited and asked if I was going to make her ‘float’. Her fascination with floating and creating a story behind the photograph inspired me.

She was so excited and enthralled, I almost envied her. But then I joined her and imagined her flying through the clouds. I had to wait for the next storm to roll through (which leave it to Texas, was just a few days later) and snapped a few pictures of the clouds.

I was sitting in my office deciding what element of flying I wanted to add when I looked over at an old perfume bottle given to me by my great grandmother. A iridescent butterfly.

I found some butterflies and created my photograph. When I showed Bayleigh (my niece) the finished project her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. She was so excited and couldn’t believe it was her.

I felt she taught me something throughout the month of May. That even though you may have a plan, plans fall through. Respond to them with happiness and gratefulness that you get to do something new. You will learn something from the situation and it may just change how you see things. I saw things with childlike wonder. And I have Bayleigh to thank for that.

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