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Goodbye to 2014 – Hello 2015!

Well, it’s officially a new year! Seems a little crazy – 2014 flew by! I made lots of goals for SPP and myself last year, and it is time again to make some new goals! Sharing them with you will keep me accountable and moving forward. These include some personal and business goals. SPP is growing and I want to include all aspects of my life with these goals – and possibly even combine them! :] 
I am a little late posting this, getting over pneumonia, but I am back to myself and ready to share this with you all! 
* GOAL: Every THREE months I will produce a set (3+ photos) of conceptual pieces and include a small short story with them. This will push me forward and allow me to grow in my imagination.
Last year, I made a goal to do a Fine Art/Conceptual piece each month! I did keep up with that goal –  but was a little delayed on posting those. But with GOOD reason. One of my main goals for myself last year, was to officially finish writing my book (and thus start the revising process). With the help of my Writing Group and staying focused – I did just that late last summer! Then came the revising and starting the querying process November. 
Writing has always been a huge part of my life and just another way for me to express myself creatively, and I want to continue that WITH my photography. So my Fine Art/Conceptual goal this year is a different one and will help me grow with photography and writing!
* GOAL: Book 10+ Weddings.
I still adore wedding photography and the wedding industry!  Getting to meet new people and go along a journey with them during an important time in their lives, brings me great joy. I am already close to meeting this goal and look forward to what 2015 brings!
* GOAL: Photo for my book The Halves of Us.
I have been planning a photo shoot with another photographer that is inspired by my book and I want to do that and share it with the world. I have talented folks working with me on this (from styling to hair and make up) and I am so excited about it!
* GOAL: Get an agent/publishing company for my book.
It is a fun and interesting process. I am thankful for my Writing Group so so much and I hope it is a great year for everyone involved. I have prayed about the process and I am going to continue with it, but may go the e-book route in 2016- we shall see!
* GOAL: Attend a Photography class (one-on-one, group or conference) and a Writing Group Conference.
Growth is always important. And another way to grow – is working with others in your field.
* GOAL: Travel somewhere new and document it.
Just the thought of doing this makes me happy. I want to do this and share with all of you.
* GOAL: Post a personal blog post each month.
This past year I have found that sometimes you just need to talk things out. Remind yourself about where you are that month, what you have done and how you feel. Like a positive cleansing. Plus it will allow you to get to know me more and see where my life is headed!
* GOAL: Family Piece
My Family is very important to me. I want to create a giant piece this year, where I focus on each family member and what they are experiencing in their life at this moment. I think it will be amazing to look through at the end of the year.
* GOAL: Self Portrait
Sadly, this is something I missed in 2014. I tend to hide behind the camera. I wanted to put myself in front of it, but it is something I fear greatly. I tried in October, but the piece turned into something sad and I failed to capture myself. So my goal this year is to face that fear. And that no matter what I see on the screen, to tell myself it is beautiful.
* GOAL: Embrace Change. Challenge Myself. Except Failure.
I keep this quote by my desk at work and at my home office. “Failure is nothing more than an opportunity awarded to do it even better than before.” No matter what choices we make in life – in your jobs, in your art form, in your love life – we encounter failure. I keep this quote near me to remind myself that if I fail, it’s just a chance for me to try and do it again. And to never give up. I will except times are changing, I will challenge myself to move forward – and if I fail, I will never stop trying. 
Mini-Goals: Do not let the mini in front of goals fool you! These are things I don’t feel involve a lot of explanation but will help me grow as an individual.
– Make a new friend.
– Visit an old friend.
– Learn to say no.
– Take a dance class.
– Renew my passport.
– Always love myself.
– 5000 words a week at least (totaling to at least 20000 words a month at least). To some this may seem a like a lot, to others it may seem very little. But it is something to keep me striving and motivated! 
Thanks to all my clients, friends and family for helping me in 2014, and I look forward to all the new clients and friends I will meet in 2015. I think the perfect way to end this would be to go through my favorite moments of 2014. Okay…well just a few because I cannot post all of them! :] 

These are some of my favorite Fine Art/Conceptual pieces from 2014. 

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