Hello Spring! (An Update)

I apologize I have been MIA awhile.

That is all because I have been stuck in my writing/editing world with the final edits of The Halves of Us (THOU) Book 1, and re-writing/editing THOU Book 2.

It’s hard work, yo.

I don’t think people realize how much work comes with writing a book. I get the comment often (when I tell people about my book coming out) – Oh, I’ve been thinking I want to write a book. With a particular person even adding I mean how hard could it be?!




There are so many things I wanted to say. SO.MANY.THINGS. Like character development, world building, avoiding clichés, editing, editing, editing, critiques, more edits, writing queries, writing a synopsis, rejections, marketing, socializing, making connections, creating aesthetics, pure self doubt, more editing…

Writing is hard. But I love it. Creating is a part of me I can’t let go of – I think I would loose my sanity (what I have left) if I did. It’s how I deal with my depression, night terrors, and vast array of emotions that hit me every.single.day.

I create words. I create pictures. I build worlds.

And this month is a big month for me with my creations.

  • THOU Book 1’s full cover comes out will be released as well! (WHO IS FREAKING OUT BECAUSE I AM!?!)
  • I will finish my edits on THOU Book 2. I had to go back and rewrite a lot of this due to changes I made in book one – now each chapter is from a specific character’s perspective (third person limited), but originally it was third person omniscient. Feedback I got on Book 1 said they wanted to get more personal with the characters, and this change up allowed me to do that (and got me a book deal). So Book 2 needed this revision as well.

After this month, I will have to catch up on my reading list and start with the heavy marketing for Book 1 (so.freaking.excited.)! During that time I have so much reading to catch up on, it’s not even funny (my ARCs, critiques, and TBR list is HUGE – so I will be posting lots of reviews soon).

So yeah. I felt like owed an update to this blog. It had been awhile. I am still here. Just working. Working hard. Because writing is a craft, and I am learning every day and can’t wait to share  THOU with you.

Also, I will be posting some conceptual art pieces soon that I am really excited about. Keep a look out for them.

I hope Spring is nice to you and that you do something creative this month!




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