THE HALVES OF US – Cover Reveal Day!

Eeeeeks! Today is the day – so I can share this LOVELY (amazing, gorgeous, beautiful – okay I will stop now) cover!

But seriously – I am so excited about this. Not only because this is my debut novel, and the story means so much to me, but also because they used my photos from a conceptual shoot I did for the story! How cool is that?

Here is a blurb about the story:

Twin Sisters: one destined to rule, one cursed to destroy.

Some say blood is thicker than water. But for twin sisters, Adie and Aura, their connection runs even deeper than blood.

After investigating a surprise attack carried out by dark souls, Aura uncovers a family secret: she is the fulfillment of a curse placed upon her family centuries ago.

While Aura is destined to destroy their planet, Thindoral, Adie is fated to follow in their mother’s footsteps and become Ruler, but even Adie’s path comes with revelations. Dangerous premonitions plague her dreams, all depicting Thindoral’s demise at the hand of her sister.

As darkness takes control of her mind, Aura must determine whether defying fate and time is the choice that will seal her destruction, or if self-sacrifice will save all she holds dear. Meanwhile, Adie is faced with an impossible decision: save her sister, or protect their world?

And here is the COVER! *swoons*

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