Conceptual Photo Inspired by Nicole Tone’s Poetry Collection

My youngest sister, Olivia (or Liv) came to visit last week – and as always I made her model for me. I read Nicole Tone’s poetry collection, Secrets of the High Priestess (which you can order on Amazon here), late last year and have had ideas for conceptual shots rummage through my head since then. If you haven’t read it, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy. The entire book felt like Nicole was reading my mind and was so beautifully articulated it gave me chills!

I wanted to do something to physically represent how her work impacted me and thought a conceptual shoot would be best. I began to finesse these ideas earlier in the spring, but my book editing took precedence (two books, three months – ahhhh!). I finally was able to focus on the shoot ideas and below is representation of the first completed conceptual piece.

I worked on editing this for countless hours, perfecting my idea, the lighting, and editing. I am so happy with the final product my heart could burst – and after sharing it with Nicole, I am ready to share with you!






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