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Music and Lyrics – Collaboration with Meredith Sanders

Editing can be overwhelming – and editing two books at once, while working a full time job really overwhelmed me this spring. I decided in June I needed a break from editing, and made goals to push myself creatively in other ways and return to editing in July.

One of the first things I did was plan shoots to do mid-month with my sister and my cousin (will post about those later, I promise). The second thing I did was turn to a different type of writing – poetry. I’ve been reading a lot more poetry collections lately, and I wanted visit that type of artful writing to dive deeper into my personal emotions and some emotions of characters in a few of my WIPs.

I also wanted to collaborate with my cousin, Meredith, and have her put my words to music. I worked with her on singing the lullaby in my debut novel (The Halves of Us), so I was particularly excited about this – and man did Meredith exceed my expectations. (I highly recommend following her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She has beautiful original songs and artistic covers!)

Click on the three songs below and read the lyrics below them. Meredith is extremely talented and made my words into something real and it really satisfied this creative side of me I think I needed. Reminds me why I want to create and how my work (writing, photography, poetry, paintings) come from a place of emotion and that it’s okay to feel those and explore them.

Lyrics below are by me – Sydney Paige Richardson

Music and Vocals are by Meredith Sanders

NOTE: Photographs are not mine, they are from Pinterest.







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