Even before I could hold a pencil in my hand, I was making up stories in my head. I wrote my first book in the second grade, Girls, about me and my best friends in college [because college was super cool when you were 8] who went on treasure hunts and fought bad guys with our super powers. My second grade teacher was so impressed with me, she laminated a cover and bound it. That will forever be the moment I dreamed of holding a copy of my own book and placing it on a shelf.

Now all grown up, my head still stays in the fantasy world, fashioning worlds where the power of a star can be harnessed and used for time travel, flying is just as easy as walking here on earth – and my best friends are fairies. My characters are dark and lost individuals, but your love for them will grow when you realize not everything is black and white. I am represented by  Golden Wheat Literary.


This series officially made me a Bestseller and I couldn’t have done it without the fabulous folks over at The Parliament House Press!

The Halves of Us series follows twin sisters – one destined to rule, one cursed to destroy! Book 3 of The Halves of Us series, The Souls of Us, is out on May 26, 2020! You can order the books here: 

The Halves of Us (ebook & paperback)

The Halves of Us (hardback)

The Reflections of Us (ebook & paperback)

The Reflections of Us (hardback)

The Souls of Us (ebook and paperback)



SAGE AND CHAOS is a stand-alone novel. Readers will enjoy this mix of The Sons of Anarchy meets the classic star-crossed lovers tale of Romeo and Juliet with a LGBTQ twist plus witches when two opposing witch biker covens face off during the Harvest Moon.

Pascaline belongs to the Sage and Leather coven. Kapala aligns with the Daughters of Chaos coven. The sworn enemies meet one fateful night when Kapala saves Pascaline from humans assaulting her in an alleyway. When they realize their conflicting sides, it’s already too late. A spark has been ignited. They share a kiss only to be caught by Pascaline’s sister. When her secret is made known to her coven, and she pulls a tarot card revealing her betrayal, Pascaline is tasked with seducing Kapala and bringing her to the final ceremony of the Harvest Moon as a sacrifice to prove her loyalty and to show the strength of her coven against opposing forces. Kapala runs from the rumors circulating her coven, sneaking off and planning a rendezvous with Pascaline, to get away from a secret of her own – an arranged marriage with a neighboring coven to strengthen their alliance against Sage and Leather.

When Pascaline kills Kapala’s fiancé in self-defense, the two lovers clash with their covens during the height of the Harvest Moon. They must decide loyalty to their coven or burn together?