About Me


My name is Sydney Paige Richardson, and I am a storyteller. What does that mean? In the simplest of terms, it means that through art I tell you a story. Whether that be through my books, my photos, my paintings, or even music. I dive deeper into who people are and why, explore the what-ifs, bend reality, and create new worlds with my storytelling.

Fun facts about me: I have an obsession with chapstick, I sleep with nine pillows, I pretend to be a connoisseur of wine, and I have more skirts than I have anything (well, except books).

I live in the Austin, Texas area with my husband, Cody, and our three adorable cats, Bella Ann, Mufasa (aka Sir Fluffybutt), and Vincent Van Gogh. We will be opening our home to foster children soon, and are super excited for this next step in our lives. I am sure I will have many more stories to tell!