Foster Care

We were thrusted into this world of becoming parents during at the start of the pandemic with our son, Christian, who we adopted in November of 2020. Our hearts broke even more, learning the foster care system and how broken it was not just in our community, but in our state and country – and even the world. We knew we wanted to make a change – and with that we have begun a journey to redefine what GROUP HOME means. Our plan with this is to start an organization and charity that focuses on teens in foster care and those that age out. Making a difference for teens in foster care through compassion, openness, and patience – that is our mission.  We will make it clear, that family does not age out. We know it is just a small change we can make within our community. But our hope is that it grows and changes lives for the better here in Texas, nationwide, and world-wide. Our kids, Christian and Abigail, will be joining us in creating this – because it is important their voices be heard, as they have lived in this broken system. More information coming soon!

Family portrait drawn below is by Millie Doodles!

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